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Asylum of The Undead: Part V -

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 26, 2000

[continued from the previous edition]

Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital

copyright 2000

A true account by

Mark Andrews

Part V

?????? "Side-effect psychics"

PSYCHE = "Mind"

The ancient Greek word "psikae" has many present-day English derivatives and applications.

At the time of Aristotle and Plato, whether you were to use the power of mind to add two and two to get 4 ( or to close your eyes and "remote-view" events as they happened thousands of miles away ) either event would be a working of the PSIKAE. And one event would be considered as natural as the other.

There were, then, the "oracles" - seers trained in the natural human ability to employ telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, and all of the other higher-mind functions that we now regard as "psychic".

Even the pragmatic and logical Spartan military would not venture forth into battle without first being assured of a favorable outcome of victory by their regimental oracle. ( One of the secrets of their highly acclaimed success. )

In our Western culture, we have been trained and conditioned away from the fuller functions of our consciousness. Through ages of Church inquisitions and the glorification of Newtonian physics ( and its hard and fast 3 dimensional world-view ) we have accepted the "party line" that we are the unwitting captives of a cold, mechanical universe; void of consciousness, and without feeling toward all manners of life - its accidental evolution.

The Church ( Protestant and Catholic ) has always found it most expedient to ignore the greatest part of its followers psychic potentials; and to quickly squelch such emergencies as having been prompted by the Devil - and thus an abomination to God. Oddly, when such abilities can be applied to bolster clerical control of the masses, they are readily acknowledged. ( Silent prayer is mankind's greatest daily use of telepathy. )

The area around the Mt. Jackson burial ground is a fertile atmosphere for the awakening of psychic energies. And when noted that psychotic patients are generally far above average in their psychic talents, ( due to the the more randomly spread patterns of brain-wave impulses ) you can imagine the amazing levels of metaphysical perceptions displayed by the CSH residents.

Doug was another one of those mental patients who certainly did NOT look or act the part. He was from a wealthy family, and always took great care to look his best. He had a very pleasant personality and an award-winning smile. He was THE most sought after male in the Bolton Building. As one of my co-workers put it, "If that guy wasn't crazy, I'd be loadin' him up and takin' him home!"

Doug and I shared the same "quirky" sense of humor, so I came to enjoy the sometime hour-long conversations we would have over a pack of cigarettes. ( And always all MY cigarettes! )

He could function so well on the outside that he was rarely denied a weekend pass off grounds. I had a very small basement efficiency apartment on the East side at the time. One Saturday afternoon I walked out the front door of the building and ( tah - DAH ) there was Doug! ( I had not told him where I lived ) "Hey, Mark,", he smiled, "I THOUGHT I'd find you here!", - - "Well, c'mon in." I tried to be courteous.

Good ol' Doug spent the next 2 hours with me, bumming smokes and coffee and talking about the weather and his (many) failed romances. Doug showed up at my doorstep several more Saturdays after that, so I decided to just not tell him when or where I would move.

I took another very small efficiency apartment of the South side; relieved that I would not again have to baby sit Doug and his rather expensive caffeine and nicotine addictions.

Following one of his weekend passes, Doug caught me in the hallway of the Bolton Building:

"Hey, Mark, I see that you moved!"


"Where did you move to? Down on the South Side?"


"Near Fountain Square?"


"On Morris Street?"


"In an apartment house?"


"Is it 7-0-7?"


"Is it in a little bitty apartment upstairs?


"Well, I guess you forgot to tell me. Good thing I asked, huh?"


"Well now I can come over and have coffee with you, huh?"


??(more to follow)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #42

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