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The End of the World

Author: Michelle    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 26, 2000

The angel, saint, or savior

has come to save the day,

or merely warn us;

it's time to pray.

Go back through time

and learn from the past.

The end is the beginning

and it's coming fast.

Lessons learned,

yet never applied.

It was us,

to whom the devil lied.

If no good exists,

is it worth living?

All is taken.

No one is giving.

Have faith in goodness.

Turn on your light.

Those to be saved

are those who shine bright.

Fading away into darkness,

not what I have in mind.

To not see the end coming

you'd have to be blind.

The murders and stealing,

all the corruption.

Is it hard to see,

it's leading to destruction?

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #42

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