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Dreams and Visions

Author: Lynn    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 26, 2000

1. This was astral work done by myself and two friends...

We were communicating with beings on a Ouija board a number of years ago (late 1992), when we were asked to come to the aid of one of them. A couple of beings had gotten pulled in through a portal of sorts, a man-made one that was running loose around our town. Myself, I was not "seeing", so was relying on the eyes of the other two, and this it is written in his {Sebastian's} words...

"As I am going deeper {into alpha-state, bright flares of "energy" manifest. Following to the source, I found several beings creating intersecting circles (with Lynn {me} at the crossing point of at least three circles) around a "rip" in reality and space, to a nether world. Nothing appeared to be crossing over to "our" side, but the impression of a vacuum was felt. The rip may have been caused by the juxtaposition of the 2 nexuses in our region. We were given direction by the being who asked for our help, and I passed these over to Lynn who was going blind into this. She was to project a sphere of energy around the rip to contain it so we could repair the situation or let it repair itself maybe. When the rip was repaired, we moved to one of the two nexuses (land-locked ones), Lynn commented of a build-up of power. Then we attempted to open a door there {oak with brass trim and a green cast}. Lynn was asked to focus her power, and she projected it into a silver sphere with a line. From there she shot a line to her animal helper. She then pulled the sphere within herself, but kept a life-line to her animal helper from herself. The key to the door was with Michelle {other person involved} and I {Seb.} unlocked the door. Another animal helper helped hold it open against the pull of the vacuum. The first animal helper went in, and after a period of time it used the silver line as a guide and as a source of further energy to complete the task of retrieving the two beings who had gotten pulled into the vacuum originally. The door was then closed and the situation returned to normal."

2. Dream from Dec. 1994

I was with a young man and an older Native man. We were trying to determine how to get past the barriers of another person, in order to rescue 2 others (one was hurt, the other maybe dead). I saw a man with a wolf mask... he was the one responsible for the whole situation. As he walked past his discarded mask, the mask came to life --- the man had shapechanged. I pointed this out to the old man, and then the three of us (old man, young man, and myself) shapechanged as well. We followed this other man... the "evil" man. At this point, I was completely as a wolf... right down to the senses and perspective... everything. The "evil" person turned and attacked the old man. I said the words "SHAMAN FORM" and instantly became human again (myself, but different somehow still). I could see and feel myself glowing with light and energy. I then used a beam of energy on the "evil" man and changed him back to human form. While all of them stood there surprised, I fired a strong beam of energy towards the old man, enveloping him. I then apologized to him for the strength of the beam, saying it was needed. Once I was done that, I grabbed the "evil" man in a choke hold or something like that, and made him release his hold on the others, which he did.

3. Alien dream...

Feb. 17, 1995

I was in a small room, about the size of a basic bedroom or so. It was myself, and three or four others. I was looking out the window, and we were about five floors up or so. I could see clouds, and stars and tiny planets. Suddenly, one of the planets was up close and easier to see. I saw a row of beams hitting that planet. I absently began explaining the planet, when everything was suddenly closer, as if they moved or we had. I could see the colours and the laser beams (?) as the many ships fired on the planet and on other ships. I stood there in amazement and asked the others if they saw the same things. One of the people said something about a major connection with Minneapolis. Then this tiny ship and robot-like being flew in the open window (it was only 2 inches big or so). He said he had to determine if we were "worthy" of knowing what we were seeing. I remember seeing what I think was the main Pleiadian ship. I could see ALL the ships on both sides of the battle... it was Pleiadian warships against some unknown force. After the little alien robot being left, I realized that what we had been watching was essentially the universe in the sky...

4. Interesting dream... just after been given possible Mayan or Aztec artifacts...

Jan 11, 1998

I was in some chamber that seemed to be within one of the ancient Aztec or Mayan pyramid/temples. We were gathering up everything that could be removed and packing it into boxes to be loaded into vehicles for taking away. Four of my friends were among the people there. The total number of people and vehicles made for a caravan about 6 vehicles long. We made a stop along the way for food and my two best friends expressed a concern for the removal of these things. I explained that these items would be better off and safer within the confines of a museum, then where they had been due to looters, etc. They didn't seem to believe me, though.


May Beauty unfold from within... so that the Light of Truth may shine clear for all to see their way.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #42

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