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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 26, 2000

Warm greetings, my friends.

Interesting curiosity occurred. If some of you may recall, in the newsletter # 31, the reader Richard Harter has responded to a dream I published two issues before that, about Chinese flag and the A-bomb. Well, this connection through the newsletters continued, as I received an e-mail from Gary Casler:

"I was reading in issue #30 (I think) about a dream that someone had had in which the Chinese flag had appeared. Reading about that triggered my memory about a dream I had several months ago. I only remember part of it....

I found myself in a prison camp with a large number of other people. There was a lot of disease among the prisoners and there wasn't much food or water. At one point I approached a guard, who appeared to be Chinese, and asked for help with some particularly ill people. He turned to another guard, said something (in Chinese) and they both laughed.

I don't recall anything after that.

The meaning of this? I don't know. Is it prophecy? I think that a lot of prophecies are visions of possible futures, NOT the future that will be."

But, if I'm allowed to digress further, let's ponder for a moment. At this point of time, being here and now, "surviving" the most drastic prophecies by Nostradamus and the like, can we still state that the nearest future withholds a grave disaster for us all? In your opinion, will there be a war? Between Russia and USa, the Arab countries and Israel, China and the West, do you suppose something of this scale will take place? Lately, I tend to disagree, I believe that the world has progressed, that we, the human race, are actually smarter than that. There are possibilities for conflicts and tragedies; still, will millions and billions die, because a mad tyrant will push the red button? Or, in more prophetic tongue, will there be a war "between good and evil", or are we past that point? I would really love to hear your free opinions on this, and we will compose them together and publish in the issues to come.

What is in great danger today, however, is the Nature. The same Mother, the cradle where our kind was nourished and raised, is ruined and desecrated by its sons and daughters. I know, I know, there are too much told and discussed on the ecological issues, and this is a spiritual/paranormal e-zine... Still, don't you think that Nature is a spiritual being as well, an all-compassing soul, that currently suffers by our enterprises? Maybe the A-bomb won't fall any longer, but the damage done to the environment is harsher and crueler. We must take responsibility for the dying green world, and this is no vain slogan.

On the lighter side (sorry if I sort of depressed you with the previous passage), we are announcing an opening of a spiritual gallery on Project X website. Unlike in previous competitions, this time everybody is a winner, as your creations (preferred themes: nature, beauty, spirituality in general, UFOs, and so on) will be exposed to our visitors... and even will be used as postcards! Yes, we will soon replace the current postcards page with YOUR original art. Send the images of your pictures, in JPG or GIF format, no more than one or two of your best. If the file(s) surpasses 100 Kb, try to compress it with a WinZIP, or reduce their volume with any graphic software. Or even better, send me the link where you file is. Don't forget to e-mail me the picture's/photo's title, your name and the address of your website, so that we will fully acknowledge you in our gallery. Thank you in advance!

Well, these are the personal issues I wanted to mention, before we move on into the central part of the newsletter, an excellent collection of articles by our devoted readers. I will see you in two weeks, my friends!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #42

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