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Author: Glenn Scheper    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 10, 2000

I am an avid lurker on many lists, and collector of URLs. I rarely contribute, for my ideas would be called heretical.

What would I be offering? -- A signal in the mud; -- The primary universal archetype; -- The mysteries of religion, revealed; -- The avatar personality, the Christ, explained.

That there is some trace to find, a residue not explained, which is because it has not yet been examined correctly by science, is shown by the enduring popularity of religions.

That religion has it all wrong, is evident from the hysteria of religions -- politics vying in a meaningless simulacrum of all-wrong esoteric interpretations of religious symbols.

That I have got a lot of it right, should be as self-evident as Poe's purloined letter. By my parsimonious hermeneutics I can make clear most of the bible's mysteries, and explain diverse poets' and mystics' works; especially those from Franz Kafka, Austin Osman Spare, Aleister Crowley (You bad boy!), William Shakespeare, and a host of other men.

Unfortunately, the whole thing has a tantric aspect to it, so the self-interests of mankind in that vein played a role in its suppression over the ages. My essay will be jarring to well polished religious minds, which should avoid it.

But if you don't come for my Word of God essay, come for a banquet of links: eighty-two thousand filtered, ranked and annotated links, associated into twenty-one web pages:

5024 ANCIENT links, 5423 ASTROLOGY links, 2475 CHORNOBYL links, 4080 ESCHATOLOGY links, 3481 EXEGESIS links, 2680 GNOSIS links, 2356 KABBALAH links, 3100 MAGICK links, 2710 MYSTICAL links, 9484 PAGAN links, 5685 PHILOSOPHY links, 2835 POLITICAL links, 3057 PROPHECY links, 9083 PSYCHOLOGY links, 2136 QURAN links, 4030 RELIGION links, 1761 TANTRA links, 5137 THEOLOGY links, 3230 UFO links, 2203 WORSHIP links, 2790 YOGA links.

Fetch my free text web browser/robot to deal with such a glut!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #41

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