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Today's Mail: Alien Visits Ended?

Author: Isaac    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 10, 2000

When I was about seven, but I could have been younger, I remember having strange feelings like someone was watching me, I had dreams of long bright flowing lights in an empty space fly by me, this would go on for a while until one flying light would pass through my head and the pain is unbearable, I wake up with a one second of the pain and then it disappears, this dream went on for two months every night.

When it stopped, it stopped for about a year or less and then started again for another two months until it stopped for good, nothing happened for a good few years, but when I was in primary school I used to have sexual fantasies about females experimenting on me surgically in classroom on metal slabs, having sex with me and performing surgery on me and all the other students, also when I was child a voice in my head used to tell me that I was pregnant, and I believed it, pretty strange for a school boy; I've had lots of strange dreams since, but they are too long just now; when I was 18 I had a nice visit from an alien, it was very bright glowing (it was more like a dream). I pointed to my tooth and said triangle and then pointed to my cheek and said triangle; you're going to smile for a long time, I've got a tooth that's got a chip in it in the shape of triangle and I've got a birth mark of three dots in the shape of a triangle. I asked my parents if they remember me having this and they told me they have no recollection of its period. The triangle looks like

? .

??? .?? .


The last experience has left me a bit bewildered and like a zombie, I was 19 and I was watching a film with my friend Stuart, when this bright light flashed past me and I was on an operating table (metal) and lots of aliens around me, it felt a bit too familiar, I wasn't in pain, I knew who they were or at least I have met them before. Then one came up to me and asked calmly, telepathically, "CAN WE TAKE IT OUT OF YOU?" and without thought I said, "YES", I saw them about to operate and I faded back to the living room to watch the rest of the film; I told Stuart a week later, he believes something happened, but did not see anything in the room.

Sorry this was a bit long, please can someone who has had similar experiences, please contact me.

Thank you,


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #41

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