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Asylum of The Undead: Part III - Of Darkness and Light

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 27, 2000

[continued from the previous edition]

Ghostly Encounters at Central State Hospital

copyright 2000

A true account by

Mark Andrews

Part III

?????? Of Darkness and Light

"Another day; another exorcism."

"I call on St. Michael, Archangel of God; Divine Exorcist and Guardian of The Way. Defend me in battle. Shield, preserve, and protect me against the malacies and snares of The Devil, all demons, my own lower ambitions, and all external influence. In Christ's Holy Name; Amen"

The Exorcist's prayer has many variations. It was given to me as above by a Catholic priest who I had come to know through the chaplincy office at Central State.

If a poll were taken of long-term psychiatric care givers as to whether or not they believed in spirit possession, the percentage of those responding with "yes" would probably be higher than in any other field.

When you become attuned to the symptoms and idiosyncratic traits of scizophrenics, manic depressives, bipolars, and multiple personality disorders, the emergence of a new element into the persona of the patient becomes glaringly apparent.

You don't have to be a priest or a PhD to notice the difference. Your own inner awareness and gut will alert you at once.

"The truth is in the eyes". We all emanate an auric energy that is most visually acute as it flows outward from the inner being through the iris. We would say that to describe someone as having "bright eyes" is a positive because we would then expect that they would be alert, intelligent, energetic, and thoughtful of self and others. On the other hand, if we perceive the eyes of someone as being dark or cold, we expect that they are self-serving, insensitive, untrustworthy, and potentially dangerous.

The afore-mentioned is most generally true. However, what denotes the presence of an intruding or companion entity within the psyche of an individual is not whether the eye light is bright or dark; rather the fact that a shift in either direction has occurred.

Many drinking alcoholics will undergo such a shift in the auric light coming from their eyes in association with a perceived personality change while they go through the stages of alcohol consumption.

At such times, due to the increased presence of alcohol in the bodily system, the magnetic energy field of the individual will weaken as the body struggles to balance its etheric energies to reset the imbalances fostered by the alcohol. It is at those times that other non- corporeal entities can attach themselves to the chakras (energy centers) of the drinker and take control of the individual's words and actions, often in the "blackout" state where the drinker remembers nothing of their actions. But, of course, why WOULD they remember something that they themselves did not do? Why do you think we call it "spirits"?

The same is true in the case of psychotics, where the central nervous system becomes so taxed that auric adjustments can leave etheric "holes" in the magnetic field, allowing for spirit intrusion.

When in the presence of a "possessed" individual, you will also sense a dark coldness where the warmer life energies would normally be perceived. We sometimes use the phrase, "a chill down the spine".

With the high concentrations of spirit / psychic energies at the Mt. Jackson Vortex, spirit possessions (and often administratively approved) exorcisms of Central State patients were accepted as unhappy realities. I had several times heard of the CSH "X- files" (documentation of performed exorcisms) that were said to be kept in the caverns of the tunnel network that linked all of the buildings on the hospital grounds. Rumor had it that the Chaplain's office had a working relationship with the Catholic Archdioses that allowed for the performance of exorcisms of CSH patients on a PRN (as needed) basis.

I received my first first-hand account of an encounter with a possessing spirit from Professor Block at Concordia College, Milwaukee. He told our Old Testament class about an experience that he had as a young vicar in the Boston area. One Saturday, he was making hospital calls to members of the congregation when he came upon a parishioner who had suddenly acquired the gift of "second sight" . The woman had no knowledge of the vicar's plans to preach his first sermon the next day but upon his entering the room said to him in a rather gruff voice, "Yeah, if I was in YOU, I'D be preaching tomorrow TOO!"

Although Lutheran theology has a passive - Scriptural acceptance of spirit possession, I have never been aware of any present-day protocols to deal with the fact. Oddly, the movie "The Exorcist" is based on the real- life possession of a 13 year old Lutheran boy in St. Louis.

In the early Summer of 1976, I was working as a psychiatric attendant on the Deaf Unit / 7A - 3:30 shift.

"Cynthia" was one of those patients who - at least outwardly - displayed few of the bizarre symptoms that come with schizophrenia. (Let's also clarify now that schizophrenia is a disorder of dysfunctional thought processes, and NOT the manifestation of multiple personalities: as is so frequently assumed.) She - along with her older sister - were two of the most beautiful patients on the CSH grounds.

She had a very high level of intelligence and had even attended Galudet College for the Deaf in Washington D.C.. She would often teach me new signs. We had a very comfortable friendship and easy communication rapport.

As I arrived on to the ward one Thursday morning, I could hear a strange voice "trumpeting" across the day-area. I could see Cynthia flailing her arms and walking with a gate that I had never seen her use. The night-shift attendants reported that she had been awake all night and had provoked fist fights with several of the male patients. She had been given her prescribed dosages of PRN tranquilizing medications, but that they had helped little to normalize her behavior.

You really don't give too much thought to radical changes in patient behaviors, so I relegated her actions to one of her regular psychotic episodes.

That afternoon, I was sitting in the glass enclosed nurse's station when Cynthia came walking up to the window. She stood there; blankly staring at me. I watched as her facial features were overlaid with the countenance of another entity. The most accurate description I could give would be to say that it had the look of a traditional voo-doo mask, or the likeness of a face you might see carved on a coconut from the South Sea islands.

I intuitively knew that another presence - other than Cynthia - was offering me a challenge. Rather than to respond with passive ignorance, (as I should have done) I reacted with anger and glared a returning challenge to the entity.

Just at the 3 PM change of shift, Cynthia came to the station to get her 3 PM cigarette. She normally would walk away satisfied with one, but at that moment became belligerent and confrontatory when I gave her ONLY one. Her voice took on a raspy, snarling sound. Her usually bright eyes had dulled to a void- like appearance of charcoal. I could feel a shot of cold energies coming at me from her heart area.

Suddenly, her hands were at my neck; her long fingernails pressing into my skin. It was the intention of the entity to literally tear out my throat. At the same time, I became aware of anther presence coming into the scene stepping into me from behind. Cynthia stood about 5'2" and weighed maybe 95 pounds. I grabbed to release her hands from my neck with no success. However, her nails were being somehow prevented from making any serious penetration.

I stared back into the coldness coming through her eyes and repeated an affirmation through my brow chakra, "Jesus, Jesus Jesus".

By that time, 4 other attendants had come to my aid, but could not get her frail body to budge from where she stood. After about 20 seconds of struggle, I felt a "shove" of magnetic energy pass through me toward Cynthia, which acted to break the literal strangle hold that her hands had on my neck. She was then sedated and secluded.

As soon as I got home, I called my Catholic priest friend and told him of the incident. He casually observed, "She's possessed."

He then apologized for the fact that his schedule for the next day had him occupied all day. He also stated that he had a "knowing" that unless something was done to free Cynthia from the spirit that someone would be killed. (That sure sounded like ME!)

He then said that I should prepare myself to be the stand-in vessel for a "long-distance" exorcism.

"What!!??" I thought. He said that he would alert his prayer group to focus with him at 10 A.M. the next day, and that I should watch for the opportunity to take Cynthia's hands at that moment, so that the Archangel Michael could pass through me into her and carry the spirit back to its place in "exile". My job was to take her hands and to silently repeat The Lord's Prayer.

"That woman tried to KILL me!" - I thought. -"Why would she just give-over her hands to me?"

I prayed, "Lord, if You want this done, then You are going to have to set it up!"

I can still remember the feeling that I had as I drove in to work that Friday morning. Every inch of the way I repeated the "St. Michael Prayer". I wasn't looking forward to this!

The Deaf Unit patient activity schedule had them going off-grounds to bowl at 10 A.M. each Friday.

At 5 minutes before 10, Cynthia came to the office to show me two small cuts that had formed on the tops of her hands. She put her hands forward for me to see. I thought, "This is it!"

I took her hands and began the prayer. It was as if a shaft of fire shot down into my head and spinal column. Within the space of 1 second, I could feel three distinct waves of fiery energy pass through my arms into her.

Her eyes quickly rolled back in her head, and her knees began to buckle, but I was able to catch her before her head could bump against the counter. She stood up slowly, and I walked her to a chair in the day-area.

The other patients were gathering to walk off the ward to the bus, so I volunteered to walk with them. (To keep an eye on Cynthia). When we got to the bus, she stopped and gave me a quick kiss on the cheek. I could also see the "she" was back in control.

I don't think I have ever been quite so apprehensive in my life as I was that morning. Without the aid of God, Christ, St. Michael, and my priest friend and his prayer group, I'm sure I would not have survived the day.

The concept of long-distance exorcism is truly fascinating, but... Don't try this at home!

(more to follow)

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #40

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