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The Civilizations from the First Time

Author: Rene    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 27, 2000

There was a time when before the earth was a place so sophisticated in knowledge, they had total awareness, they created wonders we of today could not even conceive. There was a natural disaster threatening them, they had to find a world to exist on like there own they came to terra firma, EARTH. On earth they set up their own world, the best they could with their technology at the time. There were temples set up all across the land as the earth at this time was one land mass, not many continents, they had the power with crystals to harness incredible power and do incredible things with this power.

They have found proof of such temples, in today's history there is a temple under Mexico-city, they would have to tear down the whole city to find what is truly there. There are pyramids in the Amazon jungle so deep in, you would not survive the natives who protect this sacred site. They are there in the same white coating, and writing covered by the trees of time. Who knows what those temples would reveal if we were to enter them. The underwater pyramid they found off the Bari Islands of the Bahama coast, it had in it a crystal, the crystal was held by brass hands,, read the article for yourself and feel the strength these giants had.

Yes, I say giants, because they were of incredible height, and again this can be proven, in a cave in Cuzco they found a skeleton of a woman thirteen feet long, in the Mississippi mound builders, they were of a rather tall stature; in the dark islands they found a male skeleton of seventeen foot in length. So there is proof of beings from another time being giants. The power and knowledge they had was incredible. We have some items in our reaching (but not so reaching hands), the Ark of the Covenant, the new finds off Alexandria, the space shots from the spaceshuttles that show more sunken civilizations. One sunken pyramid was shown to be in the everglades in Florida, in a place called the Devil's Gardens, I wonder why they would call it that? Some legend, because unusual things may still be happening there, from, maybe, yet another hidden crystal? Weren't there suppose to be crystals hidden in this world with information, like a time capsule for man when they are ready to learn?

And as far as China, very old, indeed, the discipline, the art, beauty of their knowledge is from a very long ago time. The time of the dragons, there were such creatures on this earth as protectors, guards, the old ones honored them and cared for them for the strength they had, they had dragon charmers who worked with them became their masters, the charmers, were chosen at birth for this task. Their language is old, but the oldest yet is the one they learned from. It is found, but not known how to dechiper it. They are unearthing more and more pushing time far far far back until the answer is realized.

The elder ones, who created this world, left their mark, it is also in the ley lines of the earth, what remarkable beings they were, will science ever understand how far back in time we really go?? From the pyramid belt around the world as the continents shifted and the ones above the ground, and ones unreachable in the ocean or in such remote places as hostile jungles, or buried under newly built cities like Mexico, or the one they recently found buried under 75 foot of debris when drilling for oil - they entered the roof of a building and found a mural of a man in a seemingly well to do life style 10,000 years ago.

And the civilization that created the crystal skull? So fine-made skull it baffles man today, how could they do it? Ahh, but they did, it is in reach to see to study to wonder about.

Like all the oldest civilizations of the world.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #40

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