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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: June 27, 2000

We are living in the times of constant shifts.

The outcome of today is not preset. There are numerous of possible futures. We are the ones affecting the tomorrow, with our thoughts, decisions, actions, creations; it's the domino effect, chain reaction, name your metaphor. It's a very complex equation, this entire collective consciousness, stretching in all directions of time and space. Many of us still need to rise outside our personal perspective and observe the bigger picture, the wholesome scheme of things and events. Don't say "What can I do?", since every contribution to the global development counts.

I remember reading a while ago about the "hundredth monkey" phenomenon. A group of scientists on an island was feeding, day after day, the local monkeys with delicious fruits. The trick was that after a while the fruits were purposely dirtied. Well, shortly enough, one of the monkeys, after expecting the fruit in a hygienic view, decided to wash it. Then, a second monkey learnt doing it (from the first one, or by itself), then a third one, and so on. At certain point of the experiment, let's say, there were 99 monkeys who washed their fruits. When a hundredth monkey learnt to do so - WHEN CONSCIOUSNESS HAS REACHED A CRITICAL MASS - all of the island's monkeys immediately knew the secret of the fruit-washing... and so all the monkeys on the other neighboring islands!!!

What prompted me to speak of this issue? The previous issue of the newsletter, actually. There were so many responses to it, ot each and every single article. Sister Hebe and myself agree that subjects that were represented there, they way they where served, assisted all of us reaching that critical mass, and clear some mess up for the humanity. Because more or less the minute I clicked on "Send" and mailed PXN # 39, Syrian President Asad had a lethal seizure.

We cannot go on into the promised Golden Age, while carrying with us the negative values of the old world. This is why two rivaling sisters, South Korea and North Korea, have finally reached their arms to embrace each other, after years of unnecessary separation. This is why there are unsteadiness and turbulences in Israeli government. This is why yesterday it was announced that there was a significant break-through in decoding the human genom - as we approach our spiritual self, we must understand the secrets of our physical counterparts. So should we mourn the death of Asad, the way we weep the tragedies of all passings? I wouldn't. We was an old world's tyrant, who brought his country to the brink of poverty and underdevelopment, who was constantly conflicting with his neighbors - Lebanon, Turkey, Israel. The collective consciousness has decided to move on, and it wasn't in his favor.

And the green was flourishing in the heart of desert.

I would like to quote now from a letter of our reader from Singapore, Lee Koon Wui:

"As you know, our world is heading into a new spiritual era, and it will be most glorious. Glorious in the sense that the soul group of humanity will accelerate it's learning, it's vibration. But there are so much materials out there about this, so I won't elaborate. But I will talk about the one thing that is impossible to be over-stated: LOVE.

No. Many people don't really know what it means. Because of the sheer complexity of concepts that humanity has surrounded this word, its ultimate meaning has become obscure. HOWEVER upon discovering it, one feels that he has received True power. The shamanic Way is split to two roads: The Warrior (Power), and the Adventurer (Love). Real exponents of the art have more of one, but always has the other. The Masters are indistinguishable (because real power is love and real love is power).

The book 'Urban Shaman' by Serge King can prove useful. I really do not want to elaborate, but perhaps you do, since you are in the honoured position of addressing your chosen ones.

The second thing I want to talk about is the human Life. What we would call "down to Earth" life. For EVERY SINGLE THING about it can be spiritual, and has spiritual connotations, as well as spiritual cause and effects. Dear Alex, the happenings in "common places" like a difficult colleague/ boss/ teacher/ supervisor can be real spiritual tests/opportunities. Music, relationships, choices in Life... Anything. Not just invisible, astral or even mental trials."

Thank you, Lee, for these profound and uplifting words. They are, two, another input into the World Wide Web of Cosmic Consciousness.

Before we move on to the articles of our indefatigable journalists, I'd like to ask Rhonda, whose poltergeist ('Mr. Friendly') experience was published here two editions ago, to contact me. Rhonda, it seems I lost your e-mail, and there is someone who wishes to converse with you. Please reply.

And yet another last minute's update - the information for London Heathrow Marriott Hotel, where ATOM/Darwin Gross's seminar "Trusting Divine Spirit" will take place (yes, he comes to England!), has changed. Call (0181) 011-44-208-990-1100 for hotel room reservations, or fax (0181) 011-44-280-990-1120. I understand you need to mention the above seminar in order to receive a special discount. This is not an advertisement, but a personal recommendation for an opportunity to meet a truly great person.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #40

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