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New Competition: The Poet of the New Millennium

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 24, 1999

I am starting the new Millennium with the newest competition, the Contest for The Poet of the New Millennium. This contest will serve as a thread, connecting and reaching from the passing century to the next one. You, readers, are welcomed to send us your creations of spiritual poetry. This time both the poet, who will get the most of votes, and a voter, who will be randomly drawn, will receive prizes, courtesy of Project X. All of you, of course, can vote for your favorite poem, but only when their list will be completed. I have a sincere favor to ask - please choose you poem carefully and seriously; in case you don't recall it, links to our previous archived issues or other webpages will be supplied.

Here are the entries for the poetry contest so far:

1. Aldarow - "No Traces" - issue # 25

2. Judith - "Angel Sword" - issue # 27

3. Night - "The Chosen / I must go west..." - Project Y Sections

And now, to the contestant number four, Rinor Zidran

I can still dream

I can still dream

At night, when it's cold

Tonight, as I was told

From behind I can hear him

Shouting at me

But I know where I want to be

And so I go

Pass the sand

See another land

I can still dream

At night, when it's cold

So I was told

I can still hear him at the back

Shouting at me

Still, I know where I want to be

After night came the day

I can still dream here in the sand

Even if it's another land

No one is shouting now

No one is here right now

I feel cold

Remember what I was told

Yes, I can dream

When it's cold

Everything is gone

But I'm still standing

I can feel the dawn

It's my soul that is landing

Eyes open

And there I see him

Tears in his eyes

A cross in his hands lies

I am not cold

I just wonder

Can I dream again

And I wonder

Who is this man?

To read more of Rinor's fabulous poetry, go to Art > Poetry and Prose.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #28

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