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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: December 24, 1999

Well, we made it! Through wars and crises, through Holocaust and Inquisition, through pollution and disappearance of rain forests, through plagues and natural disasters, through crimes and riots (although the last one in Seattle, against WTO, was an extremely positive one, showing that there are still free-thinkers in the Western world). We have finally reached the threshold of the next millennium, like the welcoming words on our site - "Finally you have reached us". So what awaits us? Prophecies aside, it is up only to us.

Armageddon? Hardly. Only if we choose so. Only if we give up, whining that this is a cruel world and unfair, harsh life, so let it burn, baby, burn. But, as I stated in the past, it is the way of a pre-defeated loser.

Y2K? Maybe, but mostly in the places where people don't like to take their surroundings under control, to take responsibility, like the decaying Russia. In such countries, a nuclear reactor has a "good" chance to go off. Perhaps, those areas, as well as the ones struck by other catastrophes, have some collective Karma debts to pay for the sins of the past and the present.

But I don't want to be a doom-sayer; I never was. Hope is the key word today, because, just think of it, there is no way that all we made through, both personally and collectively, was pointless, that all we built, cared for, nourished, protected, was in vain, and it all will vanish in a blink of total destruction. I believe we made a sufficient progress in past years, so that Earth won't go aflame because of certain prominent madmen's' ideology and ambitions.

And especially for you, dear spiritually evolved reader, there is much more than hope. For you, there is a strong certainty that you have succeeded. You know what I am talking about. On this eve of the XXIst century you came to realize, that you are not a victim anymore, that you are a free spirit, and you can enter the Age of Aquarius with your head straight up. And if some of my previous articles helped to promote you toward this Realization, then you made me a happy man.

In this Millennial Edition we are bringing you a diversity of topics and styles, the way the passing century was diverse. We have a radical one: "Wrath of God Hand Delivered", followed by a humorous one: "The X-Mas Files", and, of course, Night has treated was with another chapter of "The Last War" (we are still looking for the fifth author!) But first, to a new Contest.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #28

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