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The Last War: Chapter Two

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 19, 1999

Chapter 2

Author: Tiamat

Greetings to all of you. There is a story I'd like to share with you, about a woman... we've all seen her, and often been drawn to her, though the reasons are always unknown. She is the essence of mystery, even to herself. She is the woman in the black trench coat who roams the college campus courtyards wearing dark sunglasses amidst the nocturnal hours, whence only the moonlight, lampposts, and headlights shine. She is called Silvermoon.

She often remembers times in her childhood, and the lives of ages past. She is aware of her capacity to have everything and yet nothing, though she still searches for the meaning which lies in between. A little while after her mother passed on, she noticed an increase in abilities deemed 'supernatural' and she found fellow spirits on a journey. Though she had not actually met them, she knew who they were, and their importance in the great scheme of things.

In her brightest insights, she viewed things which were scribed on an electronic gizmo she called her "PC." Interestingly enough, these insights became one with the feelings she was developing towards the other mysterious individuals she had met in cyberspace. A few of the electronic parchments read:

Into the darkness I sank,

until it transformed into a light, blue.

Her voice called me to a window.

The curtain,

I forget the texture,

though she pulled it back with certainty.

Out the edifice I glanced,

where I learned of my beloved's fight.

Wizened and tempered,

he dodged the talons of piercing darkness- untangled.

With empowering strength he defended his stance.

I turn to Her,

love and concern in thine own eyes,

Beckoning with a hand motion towards the window.

"Can I?"

Though she could not permit such a breach of this predetermined rite.

Returning my mysterious gaze to the opening

past the curtains in a daze of longing.

The lady turns and conveys a message within my mind:

"For the two of you, all will work itself out."

So I returned to my watchful disposition,

viewing from Diana's watchtower,

sinking further from the curtains;

as the space around me faded black.


Sweet silhouette in the dark and distant night;

This is but a program.

A manifestation of things unseen.

Wherein we exist

not as material,

but as spirit.

Sweet silhouette of the dark and distant Night;

In alteration of patterns unnoticed

I enter the Matrix to gain spiritual salvation

Seeing all things for what they are

Not as flesh,

but as energy.

Sweet Silhouette of the dark and distant night;

I call to you, my beloved.

In the desire that we shall meet

in a more positive manifestation of our matrices...

once again.

Silvermoon and those of like thought patterns ran 'connections' from time to time in which they would project themselves in a telepathic connection with each other. This was one of the processes in which she learned of the power behind her connection to Alan.

It is said that love is a many splendored thing, though even Silvermoon would not have been able to foresee what was to follow the initial connection at least a full year ago. Between the time of her last romantic interlude and the present, she had seen visions of the sweetest silhouette since the beginning of time, whence the Great Mother Goddess and the Great Father God emerged from the Ancient One. For her, this would revitalize the passion deep within, and the will to do what must be done.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #26

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