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Introduction to Kabbalah

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 19, 1999

First of all, let me start by saying that Kabbalah in not by any means a religion, in some parts it even contradicts Tahach (The Bible) by not viewing 'as is', but rather as a collection of metaphors for the more profound and general cosmic rules. Any given wide-spread religion, such as Judaism, for example, with all the respect to their accumulated knowledge and tradition, dictates the rules for God-worshipping and fixates the follower's perspective of the surrounding world. Kabbalah, on the other hand, as well as Buddhism or Wicca, provide us with endlessly powerful tools for spiritual enhancement. As a matter of fact, it can be roughly stated that our truly beloved world-sweeping New Age movement is based partially on Kabbalah, partially on Eastern teachings, and partially on Paganism / Wicca. All in all, however, each person has his private path to comprehend the Universe, and Kabbalah can immensely aid him/her on this journey.

It is widely believed, especially in Israel, that Kabbalah is a highly mysterious science, that even prohibited for us, the simple mortals, to learn. This concept is a myth, however, whose time has irreversibly passed. We enter the Age of Aquarius, and it is time to fully open our eyes to possibilities beyond this chaotic material existence. Time to accept that we are made of Light, that we are parts of the Creator. And if you need a more logical, scientific explanation, keep in mind that only these days the quantum physics discovers phenomena, that were already described in the book of Zohar (the central book of Kabbalah) some 2000 years ago!

Kabbalah releases. 'Free choice' is one of its key words. Remember the tempting snake, who lures us out of peaceful heaven (in metaphoric way) into this reality of chaotic uncertainties and lack of justice? Remember Murphy, with his laws of "Whatever can go wrong, undoubtedly will go wrong"? Kabbalah directly states that we don't have to play by their rules anymore! By using Kabbalistic meditation, we can protect ourselves from those dark 'husks', that prevent the pure Light to stream into our lives. No more slavery to the circumstances, to the endless circles of misery and depression! You are a free soul in a free Cosmos.

Inner balance, mind over matter, reincarnations, astrology, healing - these are only a few topics of the vast areas that Kabbalah covers. What is the most wonderful in it, is the fact that you can directly implement Kabbalah on your everyday life - it is not an esoteric mysticism, detached from the world, it is the world.

For those who feel at least a little bit interested to erase the life's problems and mistakes, and to begin a wondrous journey toward the Spheres of Light, I can recommend for starters the amazing book I reading right now, "One cube, or no sugar?" by Rabbi S. Berg. as far as I know, the book is available in English, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian. It is one among many books written by Rabbi Berg and others, and published by The Center of Kabbalah Learning. This particular book is written with such a simplicity, and yet each of its paragraphs is full with power and wisdom. By the way, it is not an advertisement for them, The Center probably does not know of this article, but I felt I needed to share this with you, for it is the basic aspect of Kabbalah: "To receive in order to give".

Next time I will attempt to explain the structure of the Tree of Life - it is the one you should connect to...

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #26

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