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Brain Wave Diary

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 19, 1999

Reference: "Brain Wave Diary" (30 October 1999)

DUCK! Here they come again. Everything you need to know about reincarnation.

This piece is inspired by Christine's probing questions to the ~(Wave)~ who is tasked with shedding light upon the subject of reincarnation. The channeled answers surprised me, and I am the telephone pole. I would like to thank Christine once again for allowing us to share the answers received on her behalf. This dialogue is part of a series called "Thinking outside of the box".

Good day Christine :-)

Christine: Help - I'm confused - you said in paragraph 1 that

...We will reincarnate uncountable times as part of uncountable physical existences.

A) In section one I was dealing with our physical immortality, i.e., our atoms are destined to stay in circulation forever, being begged, borrowed or stolen by everything under the sun that needs them when we are done with them. I have described this as our physical reincarnation.

Put another way, no new atom has been created since the moment of original creation of physical matter. I call this my Lego set theory, whereby each atom represents a Lego piece. The pieces are used to build things, rocks, trees, cows, you, etc. When the object/animal/insect/person expires - the atoms are recycled back into the general population. So, you and I have existed physically since the moment of creation in uncountable different forms. We are destined to reincarnate physically - endlessly. As well, I expect we have been a part of many different people along the way.

The Flatworm Phenomena?

A scientist documents an experiment performed using the lowly aquatic flatworm. The flatworms were subjected to brilliant flashes of light followed by a mild electric shock. After a while the flatworm developed a reflex "cringe" whenever a light was flashed on them. The cringe was in anticipation of the electric shock. The flatworm, through learning, associated a bright flash of light with the pending pain of electric shock.

Later the light and electric shock educated flatworms were processed into the food for another batch of uneducated flatworms. Much to the scientists amazement these new flatworms inherently reflexed (cringed) when subjected to a bright flashing light, (no electric shock). Other batches of "normal" control flatworms did not respond to flashes of light. Hmmmm! What does this strongly suggest? Is it possible that memory can transfer from one individual to another through sharing atoms?

That is why I found the flatworm experiment interesting. Is it possible memory transfers can take place though sharing atoms? This would neatly explain why a hundred people can claim to have been Joan of Arc, or why people have deja vu, or have been someone else in the past and on and on and on. Hmm!


Section II

In section 2) I am trying to explain a spiritual reincarnation (soul) as opposed to a physical reincarnation (atoms) as described in section 1).

Christine: Yet in this paragraph, unless I am not interpreting it correctly, you say we only come back once per genesis cycle

Q) So, what happens to the soul between times?

A) Each soul rejoins the legions of souls, each fitting exactly into the puzzle building eventually into a completed whole again. (See Entity (A) and (B) further down).

The problem here is our natural tendency to visualize things happening in the dimensions or planes we know and understand - like a soul travelling to some place and hanging out with other souls until the marching orders are given - spending time in a rapturous state, visiting family, friends and meeting new ones. Images of clouds, petting lambs and tranquility were OK to feed the ages past, but we are "intelligent" and "educated", now so we need better carrots *LOL*

I expect it is nothing like that, white clothes and wings - I hope not, or I will be sorely disappointed (yawn). I am looking forward to much more.

I do not think we can articulate or comprehend this "in between state" - I am asking for words here, struggling to paint a picture. When I get it I will fill in the blanks, but I think this gives at least the concept. Our limitation is vocabulary - we are not allowed to know CERTAINTY only FAITH - OR, we would all be "dying very quickly" to get in. (Very deep thought *VBS*).

Q) Would the "soul bank" (for want of another word) not also become depleted as you commented in this paragraph?

A) Viewing it from this perspective there is an entity (A) representing 100% of available souls. As each soul is assigned to live, entity (A) shrinks. Each returned soul begins to build entity (B) which continues to build until all souls have been depleted from entity (A) which ceases to exist with the giving of the last soul. Entity (B) is identical, when completed, to the original entity (A) except it is improved through the new experiences gained by going through the 'living' stage again. Each iteration of the cycle creates a slightly improved and stronger Entity.

Q) Do I assume you mean that there comes a time in creation (every so often), that God destroys whatever is left to then collate and start again from fresh?

A) Following on with Entity (A and B) illustration - once Entity (B) is finished, it gathers every atom in existence throughout the universe and spontaneously re-does creation again (genesis). The result is identical each time. Every single piece is started out from the dead centre of space to begin the creation process all over again. Eventually (almost right away in Entity terms) the world is ready to begin with life again. This event represents individual reincarnation - again and again and again. And so starts the creation of Entity (C).

Q) I'm not sure if you mean it happens collectively or individually at each death.

A) I think the Entity illustrations answer this one.

As I/you say, questions upon questions!!

I am keeping it coming, Christine - fun, is it not? (Great questions!)

(P.S. Hope this has more clarity)

Love, Light and Laughter for your journey.

Respectfully submitted by:

Doug Lewis, (AKA) WaveWarrior, WW to my friends *VBS*

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #26

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