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After five years, This is what you need to know?

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 19, 1999

I knew I had to go to the dune, I had this feeling a great deal of time inside of me, so we went, me and Alex, we went and after an hour at the dune, and five years as Project X, we found out what we need to know, what you all need to know? so sit back, concentrate, because what I'm about to tell you, may shock some of you, it may be the opposite to the way you live your life, but it's something you all need to know, I know it now, and so shall you...

Now it's time to begin, now it's time to reveal the part of the truth me and Alex have discovered.

During two weeks before that, I felt emotionally down, I felt the lack of new and pure energies, I tried to meditate at home, but the next day I was out of energies once again; I knew the dune is the only solution, but not just to fill my body and soul with new energies, but also because I expected to receive some message, a message that will shock both me and Alex, and later on, maybe all of you, and so, I planned to go to the dune, meditate there, in the nature, on the sand, with the silence, and receive my message, the one I've expected for so long...

A few days had pasted, maybe two or three, but eventually I went to Alex, and from there we continued to the dune. It was 4:40 P.M., the sun was setting down and the sky began to burn with its yellow orange light, the sand was pure as always and we walked to the place I've planned, we talked, we listened, we felt nature and its powers, this time the feeling was different, this time it was more mysterious, it was evening? we felt the wind, and it seemed as if it was whispering to us, trying to tell us something, perhaps it did, or, perhaps, it was all in our minds, what's important is that we kept on walking.

A couple of minutes later we got to where we intended to, a nice big tree in the beginning of the dune, but something there frightened me... the same tree, I planned to sit and meditate under, was all wrong, its fruits were dead, but what frightened me the most was the fact that it was the only tree whose fruits were all rotten, as if someone knew I will come here, knew this will be the exact spot I will stop and meditate, something that was evil.

I told this to Alex, who seemed very calm and relaxed, it didn't bother him at all, he said it means nothing and that he doesn't relate that to evil, to tell you the truth, that frightened me even more, seeing Alex so calm when I was hopeless, not knowing what to think, how did evil know I'll be here now, and especially here? Was there nothing else to do? Are we doomed to lose?

The thoughts never left my mind, but we chose another place, a different one, close to that tree, among other trees, and on the sand, we both sat down and entered meditation, each turned a separate way, Alex in his own Matrix, and me in mine.

I received nothing, I was so frustrated and was about to go mad, I knew I should have received a message, maybe the message of all these years, I've expected it for so long, but nothing came, instead I saw Sarah Michelle Gellar in my mind, and I couldn't enter my own Matrix, my own mind and subconscious, there was no message today, something was wrong, something blocked me, evil?

Finally, my mind turned Sarah Michelle Gellar to my Inspector, I wasn't sure I was in, but I decided to continue, and so I did... I saw many places, images, all of which I knew before, but couldn't concentrate on one, until the woman that showed me the Source came to my sight.

(If you are not familiar with the Source, please read the 20th newsletter with the article on The Source).

She was the one to guide me here, and I remember that after my last hypnosis, the one where she showed and told me all about the Source, she told me to come back, because there is more to know, which I know now.

This woman told me everything I needed to hear and know, it was directed to me, but I now know that it's directed to all who are willing to listen.

She told me to expect nothing, set my mind and soul free, so I could learn from the world, so I could embrace the world inside of me, inside my heart, mind and soul, so I could see more clearly how things around are happening, because when we expect something we are totally focused on that same thing, and therefore close ourselves to the rest, we miss other things that are going on around us because we are too focused in that same thing of ours.

The source, same source I saw in my last hypnosis, turns out to be different than I thought, because this source was disturbing, this source has existed in the past in our world, and people trusted the source for all their problems, they thought the source will give them the new hope, energy, spirit, after all, it was the source.

What turns out is that people expected so much from the source that they became depended on it, they stopped believing in themselves and were all concentrated on the source... and that is the bitter truth, because what the woman told me was correct all the time, it was something I needed to hear, and it came to me after five years of searching and learning, the truth is that the real source is in our hearts, and from there everything begins.

We all need to follow the path we have chosen, the same path we have built to ourselves, and what ever happens, we'll deal with it in our own way, because when we are open, we learn more, we discover, we live.

I asked her about evil, and she told me not to think of evil, because it does me no good to think of evil, or think or how to stop evil, because this way I am truly closed to the world around me, that is because evil is on my mind, and thinking how to stop evil won't help me, it will only close me to the environment and slow my development down.

My dear friends, I've expected a message for so long, so very long time, but I never knew how powerful and changing it could be, the bottom line is this: Free your mind, and expect nothing, when something comes, deal with it... in your own way, and never be afraid to walk the path you've built yourself, because this way, we truly learn, develop and live!

A long bottom line, I count on you to figure it all out, after all, we are the chosen ones...

Until next time, be kind, be careful, and stay aware... always!

I would appreciate any comments or questions you have for me, don't be afraid nor shy to send them to my mail.

"In order to know the truth, you ought to spot the lies."

Rinor Zidran

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #26

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