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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 19, 1999

God, the energies are really flowing freely these days! And that meteor shower two nights ago has washed (or, rather, burned) away much of the negativity accumulated in the world's atmosphere.

OK, first of all, my sincere apologies to Doug and Rinor, whose articles weren't included in the previous issue; I am compensating it in the current edition, by giving the spotlight to the two following features.

I was pondering lately, about 'evil' and other mundane matters. The conclusion I came to was that most of the 'evil' we encounter in our lives are generated internally, i.e., at least 80 % of things that hurt and harm us are because of our own 'fault'. Think about it - all the destructive relationships we could cut in their roots, before we are entangled too deep with someone else, all the pointless but bitter arguments and quarrels we could avoid, all the abusive bosses and neighbors we could just say "No!" to. Those crash into our daily activity, simply because WE INVITE THEM TO. The solution to that is even simpler - stop drawing the negativity toward you, by creating more negativity by yourself. Remember that a vampire cannot enter your property uninvited. You have to seize the control of your life's course, become independent for others' confirmations, becoming free of others' confrontations. Stop carrying around the deadweight of guilt and traumas - what was done, was done, and now it is gone, time to finally improve it and go on with your renewed destiny. Be the king - or the queen - of the world, and shape the world the way your intuition tells you to. There is a lot of more to that - so go ahead and read my "Introduction to Kabbalah". Nevertheless, keep in mind the 'Damocles knot' factor. According to the ancient legend, in one of the temples Damocles was introduced with a very hard riddle, a rope tied in the most complicated knot. He solved the problem by swiftly slicing the knot with his mighty sword. Hence, the expression, "Damocles knot". The moral is, that there are the simplest solutions for the most complicated problems and situations.

Let me close the opening by words from a dearest friend of mine, Elijah:

" A recent meditation

Hello again to you, whom I will call of the Chosen and of The Elect. For you DO know who you are. You have heard that voice before, but maybe you think yourself not worthy of THAT calling, you ARE indeed. Accept that, believe that, live that. That IS your "hope". Is it not written that, faith IS the "substance" of things "hoped" for the "evidence" of things (not yet seen)? And so it IS.

Now to you that hear these words, say I. Hear well and take heed to the words of our friend Aldarow in his writings for Project X. For he speaks truth to you of your inheritance. Though your numbers are few. This is he that is given to heart, that thou must prophesy "again" before many nations and tongues and kings. Hear ye him.

The time IS come for your light to shine. Though these days be dark, surely you light shall shine. And so it IS.


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #26

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