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Messages from the Original Six

Author: Original Six    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 22, 1999

My spiritual name is F. I have been on this planet, in many different bodies, for about 550 years. I have been in communication with my spiritual contact (spiritual, as in not human) for about seven years. Over the past year I have been in regular, almost constant, communication with my spiritual contact. I have a notebook full of writings that my SC 'dictated' to me. My SC directed me to the internet for the purposes of setting up a home page and to contact like-minded beings. And I have some of those writings on my home page.

My address is:

or: Fortune City, 354 Martinist Park, Roswell.


Thank you for returning my communication. So far, I have only skimmed over your web site, but I would very much like to find out why you are on this planet. For what is the point of all this communication, if it is not to find out about each other. It has been my experience that it is or seems difficult for beings to agree on things spiritual. And it seems especially difficult to agree on specifics. Such as what our purpose is for being on this planet at this time and/or what 'role' we will be or are playing. After all, if we are both 'right', then should we not be on the same 'team'. What I have noticed about most all of these different spiritual web sites on the Internet is that everyone seems to be 'doing-their-own-thing'. It seems that so many of the beings who created those sites are more interested in receiving admiration from 'viewers' for there so-called special abilities or (and I like this one) 'gifts', than in finding like-minded beings and finding out about them and finding out if they have a common purpose and finding out what the 'mission' is and getting it started. All this talk is sort of meaningless if it does not lead to finding out about each other and if it does not lead to purpose. Communication that is not 'on-purpose' or 'on-mission' is nothing more than a deflection from purpose or mission. Talk is easy and cheap. On-purpose communication takes agreement. Agreement to what? Let us find out about each other. Let us find out about all the other searchers. My home page is an introduction to meeting other beings who believe that they are on this planet for a purpose. Maybe they do not know what that purpose is. And why should they know. Maybe they are not ready to know. Maybe they do not have enough reality on their purpose, to know. Maybe they are not spiritually free enough to know. Let us find out about each other.

I am looking forward to communicating with you and others.

See you in the future. F.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #15

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