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Stone Divination

Author: anonymous / author unknown    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 25, 1999

Stone Scrying:

Scrying - definition: gazing into or contemplating a shiny, luminous, or reflective surface with the intent of seeing visions or representations of distant places, things, or times.

Reflective, highly polished stones have been used for scrying for thousands of years. Obsidian is the most popular stone used for this purpose, though onyx would be a very close contender. For now we will deal with quartz crystal spheres. This is a guide only! Do first and foremost what your intuition tells you to do!

After obtaining your sphere wash it in water, dry it, then wrap in black, white, or yellow cloth. Traditionally, these spheres are kept from catching direct sunlight as this is thought to impede the stones ability to contact your subconscious mind. Well, if YOU thought it would, then it probably will. If not, pfh, don't worry about it.

Moonlight is used to purify the sphere. The Full Moon is most likely the best time to attempt this as it is a symbol of fulfillment or attainment of one's goals. Venture outside, maybe to a field somewhere, and unwrap your sphere, holding it up to the moon. Feel its soft silver white light shining down on you. See it flowing into the crystal and attuning it with your energies. Then visualize yourself successfully scrying with the sphere.

After a few moments of this, wrap the sphere again. You are done.

Find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and hold the crystal in your hands or place it on its stand on a table. Candlelight is said to be conducive to scrying for some, obstructive for others. Experiment with it and find what is most comfortable to you. Place the candles behind you, or maybe to the side. Or you can ring them around the crystal if that seems to help. You be the judge.

When you, the crystal, and the candles are in your places, relax. Breathe deeply with your eyes closed and clear your thoughts from the worries and turmoils of the day. Relax both body and mind. Feel your muscles untightening, your thoughts become clear.

Open your eyes and hold he crystal in your hands until it is warm. As you hold the stone you are releasing personal power into it. Visualize your question while you do this.

Now either replace the stone on its stand or continue to hold it, whichever you feel most comfortable with.

Continue to relax; gaze - don't stare unblinkingly -into the stone. Blink your eyes if you wish. While scrying you must feel completely calm and relaxed.

If the operation is successful, communication between your psychic and conscious mind will open up.

Will you see pictures? Not likely, but not impossible. Most see only wisps of smoke within the sphere. If images appear anywhere it will be within your mind. These are often symbolic in nature, they are not psychic news reels of what is to come. Interpret them as best you can, let your intuition be your guide.

Whatever you see, try to relate it to the question which you asked. How are these images relevant? How do they connect to the question I asked? What are the possible interpretations?

Don't run to the books to find your answer. Symbols are the language of the subconscious mind, and henceforth, they have many different meanings to different people. Relate to them as you would any day, not as a Dreamers Guide or Dictionary would have you do.

Rainbow Stone Divination

Select one stone of each of the seven listed colors and place them in a soft, cloth bag. When you need guidance reach into the bag and pull out a stone. It may answer your question. If not, pull out another and interpret them together.

Below are some suggested meanings, if they don't work for you find ones that do. :)

Red: Anger or other destructive emotions such as jealousy, envy, or hate. Also birth, change, sex, passion, endings, energy, and confrontations.

Pink: Love, friendship, peace, joy, relationships, family, interchange.

Orange: Personal power, illumination, energy, growth.

Yellow: Protection, communication, travel, movement, exchange.

Green: Growth, money, grounding, health, fertility, business.

Blue: Peace, sleep, healing, purification, subconscious, emotions.

Purple: Spirituality, evolution, mysticism, expansion, reincarnation.

Let's say I'm depressed and want to know why. I pull out a blue stone and think of 'sleep'. What on earth does sleep have to do with it, I ask. So I pull out another stone and it's orange. I think of 'energy'. Okay. I'm dense. Sleep and energy, what gives? So I pull out a red stone and think of 'anger'. Ahhh. Now I get it. My anger has been keeping me from sleeping well at night and this has sapped me of most of my energy making me depressed. Now what? Well, I could try wearing a red stone to confront the person with whom I'm angry in order to clear the air. Or I could wear the blue stone to bed at night to help me get to sleep. Or I could wear the orange one to promote my own feelings of personal power in order to simply release myself from any concerns over the one who made me angry. Get it?

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #13

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