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Dreams, 1999

Author: Lady Tia    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 25, 1999

I have been having some odd dreams lately... and cannot define them... so I may need a lil help here... anything you have to offer would be appreciative. So here goes nothing...


Dreamt of strange things... In average clothes, I seem to be the medium between someone I deeply love or care for and someone I hate or loathe. Talking with someone I care for in one room... next thing I know I exit the room closing the door behind me very quickly, wearing a wedding dress, right as I look out down the hallway, there is the other person... staring right at me... maybe two feet away from me. Felt a sense of protection for the person in the room (as if I was trying to shelter and hide the person from some terrible fate)... and the other person... the one who gave me odd looks in the hallway... from him is a sense of pursuance... and heavy negativity... perhaps a lil evil... since I do recall feeling great terror from that person... don't remember any faces though. Felt as though I was there as if to give myself for the protection of the person in the other room. Conveyance of this dream went two ways: 1st person p.o.v. and omniscient (as if I were watching it from a higher perspective.)


I was at a formal party with all of my friends, which is odd because very rarely do any of us dress up. Part of it looked like a friend's house. Talking to a friend and the person says to me, "Don't look now, but Mitchell's here". (He's the warlock ex-boyfriend, in case it has slipped your mind). Of course I look (what everyone does) and I see him at a distance... then quickly turn around (with negative feelings towards him... more dislike than hate though). Next I feel someone behind me... it's him... he's got his hands on my shoulders and he whispers in one of my ears "I'm sorry". Then I run down a corridor in this building and end up outside... I look at the back of the building and its all a speckled white. I turn around and notice I'm standing in a small empty parking lot. Then I notice what lies beyond the parking lot. It's a desert. A desert on the horizon past the parking lot, as far as the eye can see... and another thing... I felt no fear... no happiness... just confusion and bewilderment... looking out at the desert... and I just stood there.


I walk into what looks like a theatre... the seating is arranged in a circular pattern... high circular pattern. To gaze across the room... I see friends who look at me with dissension... not sure why though. By the entrance... I see even closer friends who signal for me to join them. Behind them... I see my ex-boyfriend, Mike... (the most recent one, who I still love very much)... and there is no dissension between the two of us... oddly enough... still... I sit with the friends that are in front of him. Another more serious aspect of the dream is that there is an intensity about my placement in the dream and the dream itself. A severe feeling of misplacement on my part... so severe I cannot define it... so that when I wake up it leaves me feeling extremely disoriented.

Now I notice here a pattern... this seems to occur every four days... dreaming of things I do not think of for quite a while... or at all... incorporated with scenes that don't make a whole lot of sense to me. Well... since the last dream I actually remember... the 04/16/99... I had a wave of bad vibes coming in towards me... so bad that Saturday evening... I almost collapsed. Have been having a few problems lately like difficulty breathing... but I suspect that I know why. On top of that... I have started to hear voices again... which I am still trying to figure out... such as... who. If you can help with the dreams... kewl... if ya wanna use them for anything... just ask me... this email at the moment is merely for personal inquiry.

Be well

MP and BB...


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #13

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