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Author: Roger Hall Jr.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 25, 1999

My aunt kind of knew that I was a chosen one since my birth, but she was not sure until I turned 5 years old. When we were going out to breakfast one morning, when I was five, I looked over at my aunt and began to tell of Atlantis. She knew right then and there that I was a chosen one, because I was five and knew about Atlantis. I had told her of the Heart Stone, which is the main stone of Atlantis. I told her of the two peoples that lived on Atlantis. She looked at me and said, where did you hear about Atlantis. I told her I had dreamed of it. She told me then and there that I was something special. She had mentioned something about a Chosen One and did not say who. When I was 16 she finally told me that I was a chosen one, which I had already figured out. I knew from my dreams and from things that I had seen and heard I was one of the chosen. From that point on I knew my life would be different. I also have realized that now, that I am 18, my powers, or gifts, whatever you choose to call them, have gotten more powerful. So this will conclude this e-mail.


Roger L. Hall Jr.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #13

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