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Author: Lauren O. Thyme    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 25, 1999

Forwarded by Lauren O. Thyme, Time Travel Newsletter: Equinox updates - Solar Wave--

Dear Friend --

In Aug. 1997 I received a vision of a global "opening" during an equinox or solstice in 1999.  Last night I stayed up into the wee hours, feeling the energy of the conjunction of Venus and Jupiter -- (love, relationships and expansion). Today I received this email from my friend Aluna Joy Yaxk'in -- to advise me of global participation during the especially powerful spring Equinox this year, which corresponds to my vision.  I'm so excited and want to share this information with you!




Lauren O. Thyme, Owner / Operator of TimeTravel |

TimeTravel is the largest and most comprehensive website of its kind on the internet.


VISION  (Aug., 1997)

Last night, I received a momentous vision, which, I'm told, has been beamed to other people as well. The Voices tell me that a critical mass of consciousness is needed to transform and elevate consciousness here on earth. Their instructions are for us to create a worldwide convergence on a specific date and time, preferably during a solstice or equinox, but before December, 1999. To make sure that people are in attendance at all sacred sites simultaneously, to chant or tone specific sacred sounds, and to visualize Gold Light. Each participant must have a crystal in his/her possession. Those unable to travel can create a sacred site at their home, church, synagogue, mosque, temple or meeting place. At the same time, non-physical beings, angels, extraterrestrials, spirit beings, guides, Masters and others will join with us to help in the transformation. What will transpire is a complete restructuring and transformation of our consciousness, individual and group karma, our physical bodies and the planet earth. Weapons will melt or dissolve into non-existence as we ask out loud - in unison - for peace, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance and other elements of Universal Wisdom. Nothing short of a Miracle will transpire.

I believe that we are all being prepared for this transformation. I join with you in love and blessings to create the miracle of a Golden Life for all.

Lauren O. Thyme


An event is being created based on the above vision, tentatively called "Conscious Convergence for the Millennium Shift." "Conscious Convergence" for short. This will be a global and non-denominational event -- everyone who wants a better life, a better planet, a better homebase for themselves and everyone else is invited.

Rather than passively "waiting" for the millennium shift of global consciousness, we will actively open the "doors" to higher consciousness and shift ourselves into a Golden Age of peace, harmony, healing of ourselves and Mother Earth, and unconditional love, using the powerful tools of:

-- terrestrial energy -- sacred sites*

-- extraterrestrial energy -- the Sun, Fall equinox, 1999

-- synergy -- at least 2 people gathered at every possible sacred site -- at the same time)

-- Sacred Sight -- visualizing and invoking Gold Light

-- Sacred Voice -- (singing, toning, chanting, musical instruments), verbally asking out loud and intending for all facets of Universal Wisdom (unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, surrender, trust, mutual respect, peace, joy, happiness, healing of ourselves and Mother Earth)

-- Sacred Touch -- touching the stones of a sacred site and each other

-- Sacred Earth -- touching and/or sitting upon Mother Earth and stones

-- Sacred Light -- invoking Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Light Beings, Other-dimensional Spirits, friendly extraterrestrials, etc.

-- Sacred Heart -- letting ourselves beam Unconditional Love

-- Sacred Power -- crystals and our own bodies

If you resonate to this idea, spread the word.

--Date - Equinox - 1999

--Duration - at least 30 minutes, but as much time before or after as desired

--Location - a sacred site anywhere in the world (list below), including a church, temple, mosque, synagogue, meeting place, garden, etc. Instructions for creating a sacred site is defined below.

--Needed at least two people at every sacred site*

a crystal of your choice

your voice, awareness, willingness, joy and passion to shift the consciousness of Planet earth,

musical instruments optional

--Steps --

1) Gather together before the event at the sacred site* -- invite insects, birds, and animals to join you. (You can choose to create your own, or with one other person, visualize yourself at a sacred site).

2) If there is a number of people, form a circle. If at an ancient sacred site, circle the site itself or a standing stone.

3) Sit on the ground if possible; get comfortable.

4) With one hand touch a stone at the sacred site, or the earth beneath you, or your neighbor

5) Hold your crystal with the other hand.

6) Become quiet and reflective; close your eyes if you desire.

7) Invoke the Creator (God, Goddess, Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, etc.) and invite other Divine Beings (angels, archangels, Ascended Masters, etc.).

8) Sing, tone, chant ("om" or "mu" is a simple and powerful sound), play your musical instrument.

9) Picture energy running through the planet, aligning all the sacred sites and connecting to all participants involved.

10) Imagine Gold Light pouring from the stones, from the sky above you, from the earth below you, from the entire universe and from each other, surrounding and enveloping you and the sacred site.

11) Speak passionately out loud: "I ask for unconditional love," "I ask for peace," "I ask for joy," forgiveness, acceptance, serenity, healing for myself, all other beings on this planet and mother earth and anything else you can think of.

12) Let yourself feel, see, hear, sense the transformation of our planetary consciousness and to make allow all things asked for to BE.

13) Thank the Creator for bringing the Light of Transformation to ourselves, to our fellow creatures and to Mother Earth.

*What is a sacred site?

A sacred site is a locale where the earth's power radiates in a vortex of energy. Sacred sites are usually situated on energy streams (ley lines) like acupuncture meridians beneath the earth's surface. Sacred places can be natural, like holy wells or rock formations, or built out of stone and earth.

Ancient peoples intuited power places, worshipped Nature, the Goddess and other deities there, performed healings and other ceremonies, and used them as "temples of learning."

Often they raised monuments of huge stones, containing high concentrations of crystalline substances, using advanced techniques since forgotten or lost in modern times. They aligned their monuments, as distinctly seen at Stonehenge, Carnac in France, and the Egyptian pyramid complex, with the potency of the extra-terrestrial forces of the sun, moon, planets and/or stars to augment the already-vital energies pulsating there.

Furthermore, using their arcane knowledge, the ancient people were able to "seal in" the immense power of their sacred sites using group Thought, Intention and Light, so that sacred sites still vibrate with wisdom and energy after thousands of years. Ancient people often built their sites using sacred geometry such as circles, ovals, and pyramids.

With the advent of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism, new religious edifices were sometimes built on top of ancient sacred sites, like Chartres in France and Glastonbury Abbey in England.

However, these religions retained intuitive understanding and ancient memories of the mystical and mysterious forces found at formerly "pagan" sites and utilized the power of these sites.

Where are sacred sites?

Sacred sites exist all over the world. Sometimes they are huge complexes, like the Egyptian and Mayan pyramids and temples, Avebury and Stonehenge (England), Carnac (France) and the Callanish Stones (Scotland). Many are small, like Loanhead of Daviot (Scotland) or Stanton Drew (England), quietly tucked away in cow pastures or in a forest wilderness, practically unknown except to local residents or sacred tour groups.

However, regardless of their size or reputation, all sacred sites contain vast oscillating intensity. Furthermore, each sacred site is unique and contains its own unique vibrational coding, activity and purpose.

Why go to a sacred site?

They are boundless sacred and holy repositories containing light, energy and wisdom. Sacred sites are believed to have been originally created by ancient peoples for:

learning psychic and spiritual abilities, higher knowledge and wisdom,

healing of physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies as well as personal, group and planetary karma, power generation, connection - to themselves, each other, other communities, to earth, other dimensions, and to the sun, moon, planets and stars' dynamism.

Thus, when visiting sacred sites, one can achieve spiritual, psychic, and/or metaphysical development in minutes what might ordinarily take months or years. Another benefit is the advancement of personal and global wisdom and knowledge as well as healing one's self and the planet.

When visiting a sacred site a symbiosis or bonding takes place. In other words, one embodies the sacred site's energy and wisdom, while simultaneously one's conscious human energy activates and expands the resonance and impact of the site. Another special form of linking occurs when visiting a sacred site. One becomes energetically connected to:

other individuals and groups who've visited the site,

other sites joined along the ley lines of the site being visited,

individuals and groups who've visited those other linked sites.

Therefore, since visiting sacred sites creates a connection with other sacred sites and individuals around the world, "global community" and a sense of oneness and unity is both formed and enhanced.


Any place can become a sacred site, including one's garden, home, office, or special meditative place. All that is needed is:

--earth (should be situated on the ground floor of a building; outside is even better),

--a sacred water source (preferably running water like a fountain or stream),

--intention to make the space sacred and holy,

--invoking Gold Light,

--group synergy to increase the vibrations (two or more people),

--sacred sound (like singing, chanting OM, or toning),


--fire (candles),

--breathing in unison (especially in inter-connected breaths; some yogic methods utilize this),

--practicing Universal Wisdom

Thank you for your interest. Blessings to you and our Planet.

Here is the information from Aluna Joy --

----- Original Message -----

From: Aluna Joy Yaxk'in


Sent: Wednesday, February 24, 1999 8:21 AM


"Great souls are they who see that spiritual is stronger than material force, that thoughts rule the world." - Emerson



MARCH 1999

In Honor and Respect for ALL Perspectives, Cultures, and Dimensions.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in - HAUK'IN Center for Solar Initiation

PO Box 1988, Sedona AZ 86339

Ph:520-282-MAYA (6292) Ph/Fax 520-282-INCA (4622)



Instead of writing the usual article this month, Roberto and I (Aluna Joy) organized the GLOBAL SOLAR WAVE LISTING and took time to build a 20' Medicine Wheel on the land of our new home in Sedona, Arizona. We are forwarding some great inspirational wittings by other wonderful souls. It doesn't matter who writes it... as long as it gets written... and shared. I hope those of you who have not linked up with a Solar Wave Group or begun your own group will be encouraged to do so before the Equinox shift prepares us for the year 2000. I also want to welcome those who come visit Sedona, to visit us and bring a rock to add to our circle from your sacred places of the earth.

I feel this Spring Equinox is going to be the most profound yet. I feel so blessed and grateful to have had the help of the universe to shift so much this year. This year has proven to me how strong I have become and has ask me to apply what I have learned in every moment. It has been a great year of change for me, as I know it has for you. I had to say my good-byes to both my parents these last few months and moved residence after 12 beautiful years in Mt Shasta. I called to the universe to help me walk with impeccability and had to close the door on some long standing relationships that were out of integrity. BUT.... With the closing of these doors, the hard decisions, and with the major losses in my life, the universe has filled me with wonderful new experiences, friends and even better ways of expressing myself in the world. It has been an amazing year and we are still breathless with the shifts and blatant contrasts of light and dark present in this year. In this moment I am over-flowing with awe for the wisdom and power of the universe working in our lives. In these days leading up to the Equinox, I prepare for my journey to Guatemala to be with the Quiche Mayan Elders at the Navel of the Earth. I affirm that I am anchoring peace in my soul, awakening my consciousness further, and walking in totally impeccability with each step, each thought, each action. I feel deeply, in my very soul, that this is OUR TIME, the time we have been waiting for, and the sacredness of this realization is overwhelming and fills me with gratefulness. We are blessed to be alive in these times, and I am so glad I am sharing it with all of you.

So here it is... the long waited... AWESOME SOLAR WAVE LISTING... (You can see who around the world is participating and where). Thanks to our awesome webmaster Roberto, for typing all this stuff and up loading it on the web.

We still need MORE SOLAR LIGHTWORKERS in the following Countries. If you know someone in these areas please forward this announcement to them so we can have a encourage greater coverage of the planet! ... Ireland, Scotland, Peru, Hawaii, Alaska, South America in General, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Norway, France, Spain, Sweden, Finland, all of Eastern Europe, and all of South Asia, Greece, Portugal. Greenland, Belgium, Northern Africa and all Arabic counties, Israel and Japan. Send out the call to those you know in these areas.

Send them to -- push the global ceremony button at the bottom of the page.

Other notes...

If you still are UNDECIDED ABOUT JOINING US IN GUATEMALA with the Maya Elders for Equinox, there is still time to join us! I know you are out there just waiting for that extra shove, aren't you! More information at

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #10

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