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Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 25, 1999

Well, Friday night (European time) was terrific, I'd like to thank to Wildman, Roy, Fiend, Dale and Tiamat (everybody's mentioned?) for participating in our chat. We have discussed Nostradamus's prophecies, X-files, shifts in the world around us, how these times are unique, and how to get a date on Friday night :). Funny thing, though, I received at least a dozen e-mails of OK replies, different people telling me they going to definitely attend the chat, and when I saw all those responses, I felt a surge of excitement... but no one of them showed up, except for Wildman, of course. So, let me make myself even clearer: GMT is Greenwich Mean Time, a.k.a. London's Time (England), and 10 PM GMT equals 5 PM in New York, which I believe is also called Eastern Coast Time. To get to our IRC channel you must open mIRC or other chat program you have on your computer, and when prompted, chose an IRCnet server from the list of the servers preset in your program, preferably one geographically close to your home. In case you don't have any IRCnet server define, push the ADD button, or chose Add a Server command, and add one of the following:

Description:    IRCnet: US, NY, New York

IRC Server:

Port(s):   6667

Group:   ircnet


Description:    Random US IRCnet server

IRC Server:

Port(s):   6667

Group:   3

Once connected to the server, join the channel aa2012projectx by Join Channel command in your menu, or by typing the following on your command line:

/join #aa2012projectx

It's as easy as that, right? Right? Oh, and the last thing -- I'll be there usually on weekends, but you can freely use the channel as an agreed place for the Gathering of the Chosen Ones.

Here is an example of the way Project X is significant to several people. Go to visit the following URL: I don't want to brag, neither to feel too privileged, but as you can read at the suggested site, our on-line activity can be inspiring. Thank you for your kindness, Tiamat.

Today's newsletter is focused on two items, which I am positive you will find very contributing. The first one deals with the Solar Wave on March 21, and I strongly recommend you to participate in it. The second one is the bio of Sri Darwin Gross, the current Living Master of the Spirit, no matter what the false prophets of nowadays Eckankar organization might proclaim.

I'm completing an information given in the previous issue: to subscribe to Quickening News go to and click on the "Quickening News". I thank Joe Lasky for providing the info.

By the way, the URL of Third Eye Newsletter, which I referred to in the past, have been changed to

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #10

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