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Paranormal on Web

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 15, 1999

I wasn't sure under what theme I should present today's WWW recommendations, so I give you one of each paranormal subjects. Notice that since the newsletter is now posted HTML-free, you'll have to copy-and-paste the URLs given between the brackets into the location bar of your browser.

1) Conspiracy:

Virtual World of Intelligence ( Area 51, secret government, FBI, NSA, missing children, abductees and links to over 30 classified sites of conspiracy, including top secret info on Masonry plans, and much much more. For those Jerry/Mulder types among us, they will truly appreciate this webpage.

2) Astral Projection:

AstralNauts ( -- this specific URL leads to a list of various AP techniques, but you cannot afford yourself not to take a look at additional sections of this great website.

3) New Age:

Salem New Age Center ( -- all the information you need to perceive what exactly is that New Age movement everybody is chanting about :).

4) Psychic Abilities:

Uri Geller ( -- official Uri Geller's, the world's prominent psychic, homepage, where you can test your supernatural powers as well.

5) Spiritual Humor:

Pagan Humor ( -- jokes of/for Wiccans/Pagans.

Let me now if any of the links given doesn't work anymore.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #6

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