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Messages by Angel, Elijah, Anubis, Nancy

Author: Today's Mail    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 15, 1999


Thanks for sending me the newsletter... I hope this new year proves fruitful for X and Y... Keep up the good work... Oh yeah, I had a dream on the 6th of Dec., which happens to be my b-day, that the B'nia Elohim, Anikim, Zuzim were coming to Earth from Orion and the Zophim (the watchers) keep telling me to prepare myself for the coming Diaspora. In my dream I awoke to darkness and wandered around until I found myself standing in front of a mirror, but I had blond hair in my reflection (I have red hair). Can't figure that dream out, but, alas, I have them all the time about the end... Peace Brother... Angel


On Y2K, it will affect the GPS - "global positioning system". Then will be brought to pass that which is written: "And the third angel sounded, and there fell a great star from heaven, burning as it were a great lamp. And the name of the star is called wormwood. and the third part of the

waters became wormwood, and many men died of the waters, because they were made bitter."

* Editorial note: in Ukrainian, 'wormwood' is... Chernobyl, where the nuclear reactor exploded, lethal radiation spread over immense territory, 'making the waters bitter'.

-Anubis (referring to Project Y opening)-

Alex, the site looks great!! Congratulations! I'll be spending more time going through it all later today. [snipped] Anyway, it'll be neat watching more names appear in the Sections section. I think having that section is great as it kind of makes us more like a little (but expanding) family.

In Peace, Will



So, our Ancient teachings refer to SATAN as KAL NARANJAN. That is Satan's/his true identity of older times past. His eternal name few know, till nowadays again. See, GOD tries to present these truths for souls at certain times for mankind to develop or advance spiritually. We sadly found out few can see it working today, so sad because we all have been kept from greater truths for hundreds of years. MANY TEACHINGS USED TO TELL OF REINCARNATION, BUT NOT MANY THESE DAYS.

Our teaching refers to GOD as SUGMAD or "The Ocean of Love and Mercy". We are students of an original, ancient  teaching order of spiritual Masters, and have relative members in your country also. I hope able to find Master Teacher, Darwin again.


While we ATOMS are a small group, we are first to tell others Evil exists and protect yourself! These facts I sent out are true, all provable. Seen spiritually as well as in our outer world in court records. So, the world needs to remember there are other levels of reality we must protect from/some of it! Blessings can come to life from God. Call God, what you wish, but let truth out! Free!

It is said our Ancient teachings go back to the Essences of Christ's time, and he was a member also. He studied the teachings and tried to teach or advance the people of his age. There is always the Negative side attacks whenever mankind might learn too much or a soul Be FREED! An ancient war since Atlantis sank beneath the sea. As these teachings are from ancient Atlantis, they where of a one GOD source, teachings then and passed on into other countries after Atlantis sank. (My belief)

While it may seem impossible, this path/teaching has always been here for mankind to find again. There is a group related to our teachings in the Middle East, but I don't remember right now their name. I found many references in libraries or other books of facts which testify to these teachings. Such as the signature on the dead sea scrolls is stated to be written as signed by a Zadok.  Which is the Master of my path in those times, that it is said to have been written. We know different Masters where recorded I checked the library references also!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #6

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