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The Devil, where is he from?

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 15, 1999

This week I had a dream, a different one.

I was arguing with my friends from class, and some other people I didn't recognize, about the question "Where did the devil come from?"

Some of the people stood there in silence, didn't take part in the conversation, they just decided to listen, the others said, "God created him", said he is a creature of God.

I said he was there all along, he and God always existed in the Universe, and both ruled, each his own "Kingdom". When they persisted to say that God created the Devil, I asked them:

"How do you know that? Can you prove it? Who says that?"

They didn't answer, they were completely silent, and I was smiling, I waited a couple of seconds, gave them the time to wonder and than I answered: "The Bible said God created everyone, the Bible said, God created the Devil, but who can prove the Bible is true, who can prove that the Bible is not just a story, a fairy tale?"

And they stood there with there mouths open wide, and nothing but silence in the class, I, on the

other hand, was smiling, happy, I won, and they had nothing to say!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #6

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