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Hypnotic Gate

Author: Rinor Zidran    (all articles by this author)
Published on: January 15, 1999

Date: January the 13th | Time: 4:06 PM | Location: Aldarow's room

Me and Aldarow decided to do a hypnotic session, only a "special" one, using a hypnosis that will bring me close to what is called a 'near death experience'/ a 'catatonic state'.

I had the guidance book, we were both ready, the house was empty and no one could interrupt us. It was scary to think about it, I was getting ready to enter my biggest hypnosis in years, and it was a bit dangerous, too.

We first figured what the dangers would be, and the most serious one was: I won't awake back to that same room!

Aldarow began reading from the book, six steps, every step was important, every step was getting me closer to the near death experience.

It was hard, I was lying on the bed, while I'm used to sit in a chair, but that wasn't the problem, the problem was all that was around, the images I saw weren't clear, everything was a bit dark, although there was light in the room; it was different, more serious and powerful than the others, I knew I could come out of it and stop the hypnosis, but I didn't, I wanted to see how it is, wanted to feel it, and, well, I did feel it and saw what you are about to read.

Right in the beginning, my inspector (Inspector = see more in Project X site under Hypnosis/Trances/Meditations) told me not to enter this sort of hypnosis, that it wasn't my time yet, and if I do, I can't return, but I entered anyway, and proceeded with the hypnosis, guided by Aldarow, who was reading from the book and with his own words helped me with the hypnosis and the near death experience.

I felt cold, my whole body was freezing, I could feel it in my bones, and with every step we took further, the colder it became, I just froze there, but I didn't mind, I wanted to know what was there, I wanted to experience this hypnosis, it was important, it was dangerous!

I pictured myself in a safe and secure place, a place free from pressure, from noise, no one could bother me, just like Aldarow instructed me, I did just that, I sat on a bench in a beautiful park, a park with trees, grass, the sun was in the sky, it was warm and pleasant, and I felt very happy, free from everything, nothing to worry about, just sit there and relax, and that's exactly what I wanted, and what I did.

Now after I was completely relaxed we could move on, the next step was to count down backwards from 100 to 0, every number increases the relaxation, and directs the mind to a deeper state in the hypnosis.

I started to count, Aldarow helped me all the way, encourages me forward, and I was lying half-dead on the bed, all freezing. At some point in my count the numbers disappeared, maybe because I wanted them too, but they did, and we moved on, and we were getting closer and closer, only I knew what was happening, Aldarow didn't know anything, he just waited and guided me deeper as we continued.

He told me there is a basement, every step down that basement is a step deeper in the hypnosis, and I started to go down, pictured a ground, I grabbed a ladder that was attached to the ground, which led me deeper into a big hole in the ground, into the basement in the ground. First floor, the relaxation is doubled, second floor, again, then, the final floor, the third one.

It was very hard and weird, it was very dark down there, I was cold, but when I looked up I was terrified!

I wasn't three floors down the ground like I was supposed to be, it seemed I was 7 to 8 floors down, but that wasn't the scary part. I looked up and saw different colors, I heard strange voices, noises, scary voices, and it was all around me, I understood where I was, and the colors, creating circles, different ones in every floor, it was souls, spirits, and I was down, nowhere to go from here, I was terrified, didn't know what to think or do, it was the scariest experience I had ever experienced, but we continued. In that deep floor underground I saw what helped me to understand that this was the near death experience, this was the part I expected, but I didn't see what was coming.

I walked in that dark floor, no way to go, but up again, where the souls were, in circles (they were yellow and white circles, the last circle in the deepest floor, where I now was, was blue), and then it hit me, I saw my grandpa, although in reality he is no longer within the living, I was happy, I met him again after all those years, after all this time we could be together again, just for a while, it was when I saw him, I understood where I was, near the dead, or maybe among them at the moment.

I was able to take him with me, and together we went from that floor to my safe place, to the sun, the grass, the trees, and he was there with me. Suddenly people showed up, nice and kind people, they took grandpa to relax in the water, I was with my girl (showed up from nowhere), and everything was great again, from the darkest basement I have ever seen, from the voices, the souls, the dead, to the safe place again, but it was hard, and I still think not about the safe place and how it was great and dreamy, but about my grandpa and the souls I saw, energy chasing energy, voices from the dead; then I was back to the room, 4:40 PM and it was freezing, scary.

Aldarow entered afterwards, I guided him, but what he experienced, you'll read another time; what we decided is to continue with that hypnosis and now, more than ever, "Be careful!"

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #6

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