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More Healthy And Youthful Thoughts

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: August 29, 2003

{See previous newsletter for Part I of this series}

We, as a society, have become the unwitting victims of what we regard as "common sense".

     Common sense tells us that "what goes up must come down" (and stays down), a somewhat simplified observation of the workings of gravity. And although the quoted statement is certainly true of objects within a gravitational field, consider this:

     You are seated in a NASA space shuttle just prior to lift off. You toss your pen into the air which - as common sense dictates - comes down, landing on the closed, horizontal doorway that divides your sitting section from the room behind it. The shuttle lifts off and out of earth's gravitational field. Within minutes, your pen (which until now had been under the restrictions of earthly common sense) goes gently floating by you. Herein, the law of gravity has not changed. It was simply superseded by a HIGHER Cosmic order. The pen is now existing under a new "common sense" truism that might be stated as, "what goes up, stays up." (unless you make the effort to force it down).

     In much the same way, our youthful energies become subjugated by our own mind's insistence that "what gets old, stays old" (and continues to get older) until its inevitable decay and death. But, like the pen, each of your 50,000,000,000,000 body cells can be uplifted into a HIGHER Cosmic order in which they can again "float" on the currents of "the winds of life", which the Hindu sages call "Prana-vata". (PRAHnah-VAHtah)

     A bright red apple just picked from the tree is teeming with prana (life force). But once it is disconnected from its source, the tree, it begins to decay because its connections to the bio-plasmic energies which sustained it life filled cells have been severed.

     Each of your body cells is conscious, and conjoined in consciousness with your fuller self. They are mirrors of your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. Despite the suppositions of hard science, they are not independent of each other; nor of YOU. What you think-feel-believe, THEY think-feel-believe, and obediently form and reform in a never ending process to fit the blue prints of you awareness. It's an automatic process that functions perfectly, regardless of your permission or suppositions.

     So then, how might the cells of the body be brought into a higher cosmic order as was the pen in the NASA shuttle? How might we supersede the "process of aging" (which is actually a non-process). What can be done to restore youthfulness to our body's cellular network?

     In order for the body cells to be re-infused with youthfulness - the presence of prana (life force) - they must be sufficiently "lifted" by the prana-vata to a point where the presence of life force is greater than the degenerative pull of the earth's gravity, and (prana-vata) can then continuously supply a balanced level of sustenance which the cell then passes on to its next-generation duplicate through meioses. This is achieved through the "anti-gravitational" strengthening of your full body's magnetic field, your aura.

     In order to sufficiently counter-magnetize your energy field, you must allow the HIGHER Cosmic order of Universal Consciousness to first lift YOU through your releasing of old hurts and sluggish emotional patterns which act as weights which hold down your energies, and consequently, your buoyant auric energies as well.

     As this is accomplished by means of your sustained, daily, conscious will to forgive and release the negative emotions of the past, each of your body cells will empathize with YOUR will and "lighter" emotional state and, likewise, release any toxic matter which they have stored, which would otherwise have been  passed along to their individual descendants.

     In short, as YOU rise in your relationship with Universal Consciousness, so THEY rise; allowing for a less obstructed / more flowing pattern of healthy, youthful body cells - your physical body.

     With this improved emotional awareness, you can then use the power of creative visualization to reform yourself into the pranic patterns of vitality (from the cellular level) that you wish to regain and to maintain.



One in all and all in One.

Making IT work within and for you.

     Consider that all that IS is a composition of the same, mutable essence, and that YOU are indistinguishable from that One essence except for the ways in which you distinguish yourself from IT as prescribed by your ego and chosen individualization.

      Consider further that ALL is ONE: ALL of Consciousness; ALL of energy; ALL of space / time exist at once with yourself at both the center and farthest reaches of that ONE.

     With this expanded view of yourSELF, you enter within an unlimited range of self-help possibilities.

     Your astral / etheric body exists simultaneously in all of space/time. It provides you with a time travel vehicle with which you can rejuvenate your physical body in the "here and now" through the literal transmutation of youthful energies from the THEN into the NOW.

     Once you have achieved a sufficient level of auric and cellular buoyant fluidity (as previously discussed) you can use your etheric body to lift your consciousness - like a helium balloon rising above the ground - to float back to any particular moment in time, and to thus reform the more youthful, energetic pattern of your former etheric form (which directs the patterns for the physical body) back into and surrounding your physical body in the present. Sound complicated? It isn't! In fact it's as simple and enjoyable as a pleasant memory.

    Your rational thinking mind would never argue with you over the fact that it has stored within its memory banks "snap shots" of your previous experiences. What you seek to do here is to retrieve a particular freeze-frame from a moment wherein you had the youthful form and vitality that you wish to restructure in your present three dimensional reality - float back into that frame by way of your etheric essence - and to then allow that moment to be brought back to life within all of your body cells and your full auric vibration in the now.

     In simpler terms; relax - remember - and BECOME that moment, again.

      The concept  of "past-present-future" is nothing more than a learned perception that attempts to corral a range of quantified eternity that is, in truth, only a drop existing in the ocean of the ETERNAL NOW.

     As you continue to re-live your chosen moment of youth, your subconscious mind will automatically re-energize and restructure your physical form to correspond with the "you" in the living picture.

     And all you have to do along the way is to accept, remember, allow, and ENJOY!



Wind ad water; fire and ice.

     It is the balanced combination of prana-vata that makes it the "wind of life". The cosmic wind without the presence of the life energies of prana is, by itself, destructive to the bioplasmic structures of the physical body. In just the same way, the presence of prana is stagnant without the mobility provided for it by vata.

     What propels the vata wind is the natural process of the universe. It might be thought of as responding to the breathing of the Cosmos. You can direct the movement of vata within your body through willful, purposed, controlled, balanced breathing.

     Becoming aware of your breathing is the first step in constructive control. Just the act of paying attention to your respiratory process puts you in a position of mastery over the movement of elements inside your body and the results that are there-by produced.

     There is no right-or-wrong way of controlled breathing. You can find the patterns that are most helpful for your individual anatomy. However, the most commonly advanced process among yogis involves calm and relaxed; rhythmic breaths that are drawn in through the nostrils and pulled as deeply as possible into the bottom of the lungs. Following a few seconds to allow for the transference of oxygen in / CO2 out, the air is then allowed to gently pass back out through the mouth, with special attention paid to its movement across the lips which has a calming effect on the central nervous system.


     Water is acknowledged as the most basic, primordial element in the creation of life in the three-dimensional vibration. It is also an excellent conductor of electrical energies. Some scientists claim that your physical body is, in fact, made of more than 90% water.


     We are all familiar with the highly mutable nature of water as it changes in structure form liquid to gaseous and solid forms.

     (steam / water / ice)

     The liquid form is, naturally, the most basic state for the element, and that which - it would appear - is the "preferred" structure toward which it seeks to always return.

     Perhaps this is reflective of YOUR most natural (healthy-youthful) condition. We may be able to learn a lesson from water itself as we seek to keep our physical bodies in their healthiest, best working order. Perhaps the qualities possessed by water (adaptability, fluidity, reflective / solvent, and nurturing) can be applied to ourselves through the direction of our will, thoughts, and emotions, and then reflected through the likewise responsiveness of our body cells which will, in turn, mimic and manifest those same traits in the physical body. This will create a more adaptable, fluid, balanced, energetic, and healthy / youthful physical form.

     We might think of the liquid form of our selves as being our emotional nature. This is often equated with the projection of life energies throughout the body, as well as in the sending of healing energies to others. By keeping our emotions as clear and flowing as possible, we can help to advance the cleansing of our bodies by way of clearer emotional states.

     Prana (life force) also has its form of mutation, following the same pattern as water, gaseous / liquid / solid.

     In its most natural (preferred, liquid) state, prana is electrically charged and flowing.

     It can also become lighter to the level of thought wave vibrations, at which level it is carried by "the wind of life", vata, and dispersed through-out the body's system as well as being able to be projected through the cosmos to provide healing energies to another.

     This happens most frequently when we pray for the health and well-being of another person. And, remarkably, we find our own healthful conditions advanced due to the simple fact that the life force energies that we sent had to first be generated from within our own fuller anatomy (spirit - mind - soul - body).

     Physical, bioplasmic, substance is the solid expression of prana, as is ice to water.

     The physical expression of life must be continuously nurtured and maintained through the balanced flow of mental - emotional - pranic life force energies.


     As we will the movement of unconditional love to circulate both throughout and out through us, we automatically put in to motion the movement of the prana-vata life sustaining winds that, in that natural process, lift both us as the ones for whom we pray and project positive thoughts and emotions.

     The presence of joyous and happy emotions act as electrically charged waterways that feed the cosmic winds with positively charged bioplasmic ion particles.

     Pray with joy - feel the literal "warmth" of the love that you send in your prayers coming out through your heart - and both you and those for whom you pray will be balanced, re-energized, and healed.



Originally published in Project X Newsletter #88

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