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The Facilitator

Author: Stephen    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 18, 2003

It was initially offered as a riddle, in the opening presentation of a guided meditation called "The Higher Heart":

I am not a "seer" of the future, yet my Spirit possesses knowledge of the hologram of life. I am the facilitator of Peace by

showing you how to live in this moment of the Eternal Now.

I am not a "channel" of wisdom, yet my Spirit draws upon the Light of the Masters. I can facilitate the awareness of All That Is.

I am not a "healer", yet my Spirit being the Love of God sees the perfection in All That Is. Knowing that you are a beautiful, radiant child of the Universe enables me to facilitate your self-healing.

I am not your provider, yet my Spirit knows the opulence and riches of God's full presence. I can facilitate the manifestation of your Heart's greatest desire.

I can call upon the Ascended Masters and the Angelic Host. I can command the Essence of their Presence, yet I cannot give you that which you want for until you open your Heart and find me there. Until you empty the Chalice of all discord can the Holy Grail be then filled with the Light of Eternal Love.

Until you share from the Heart can my garments reflect the Majesty of our Being. Until you are willing to surrender to me shall you know Who you are. Shall you be embraced in the arms of my Love.

I Am the Facilitator,

Who Am I?

The answer being... I Am the Light of your Soul


May our World be forever filled and thrilled with,

The Light of Eternal love

I Am

your little brother,


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #86

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