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Brotherhood: The Hope and Goal of Mankind

Author: Tamara C. Moore    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 18, 2003

All is still in the great womb of the universe

     creation:  yet to be born

a godlike entity,

     consciousness to adorn.

     Out of the void,

spirit reaches like a flame

      an expression of deity

throughout the universal plane.

      Heavens come into being

fireworks in the sky

     sparks of divinity

throughout infinity fly

     the essence of godhood

astronomically separated,

     humanity is created

from the depths of the internal,

     an offered silent prayer

that mankind will search within himself

      for the unity we share

we were created from one...

      To the one we shall return

this is the teaching of truth,

     that all of us must learn;

for when it's realized in our heart,

     that each and everyone of us

is in fact a part

      fitting all together

to comprise a whole,

the pilgrimage of our soul

one thing always leads to another

     all that we do affects our brother

with godlike qualities in our daily lives

love and compassion in our mind

     thye unity of brotherhood

     the goal of all mankind....

If truth were witnessed,

     chains of then physical would be lifted

freedom unlike anything experienced

     from the whole is gifted

with truth in our hearts

     the future will begin

totally different outlook

     on what has always been

we'd touch upon reality

     for the very first time

unsheathed of all misgivings

     that mar mankind

the cycle of life,

     wandering as a lost soul,

the endless madness ceasing

      in unity as a whole....

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #86

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