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Opening Words - Experience

Author: Alishaya    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 18, 2003

The Being of All, the Source of All, IS.

IT makes no distinction between right and left, right or wrong. IT cannot for it IS all.

It encompasses the All.

In order to feel, see, learn, grow, it needed to EXPERIENCE therefore IT created.

Creation IS the experience.

IT did not differentiate between right and left, good or bad. IT IS and IT created to Experience.

Creation can be compared to the fingers of the ALL; in order that it may Experience.

All are a part of Creation.

All are a part of all that IS.

How have you forgotten that you are but part of the ALL?

We have submerged ourselves in the Experience.

Think of a powerful ray of Light.

The Ray comes from IT's creating source. As the ray encounters an object, the light of the ray becomes distorted. The further the light ray travels the more distorted it becomes. The ray of Light from the Creating source becomes weaker and dimmer. We are like that ray. We have chosen to submerge ourselves in a physical world. We are still a Ray of Light. We all are. All of creation comes from one Source. The Source of All that IS.

What has happened is that we have become "stuck" in the experience of being. We have forgotten that all we are is a ray of light sent from the Creating Source of All that IS to experience.

We have become enmeshed in the reality of the experience. We have forgotten through the centuries that it is all about the experience. That once we have acquired the experience in all it myriads of knowledge, we need not continue to encounter the same experience.

We have forgotten that All Creation wanted was the experience. Since we all come from one source, it makes sense that we are one. Just like the fingers of your hand are all different but all One. If your pinkie burns itself, does not the rest of your fingers learn from the experience? The burning is neither right nor wrong. It is just the experience of the burning that the pinkie found painful. Being that it experienced pain, it will be very careful to avoid the Fire from hence forth. Does not your thumb learn form the experience? Will your thumb say, "I wonder what would happen if I go into the fire?" No. It learned of the experience from the pinkie. It knows what to expect.

Therefore, why is it that we continue to experience things that cause pain? Because we have forgotten that, we all belong to the same hand. Because we have forgotten that, we are all about the experience. Once we remember that it is All about the experience and we remember that we are all one Creation, we know that we do not have to experience something that causes us pain because we already have the knowledge of the experience within our hand.

Individuals are like the fingers of the hand. Each finger has a unique relation to the hand, each finger performs a different function of the hand, but all fingers make up the hand. We are all unique individuals. What makes us unique is the combination of DNA within our bodies. We got these individual DNA molecules from our ancestors.

Example a baby encounters fire. It does not know fire. The baby goes to touch fire, burns his finger, feels pain, chemicals are released into the blood stream, to assure that the baby gets its hands out of the fire. It has changed the chemical composition in the blood. The body also release certain chemicals into the body to ease the pain and to cure the burn. The baby has successful altered the chemistry in the blood. If this baby would choose to continue to experience fire, the chemicals being released into the body, would continue to maintain the same ratio. After a while, the blood chemistry in the body would change because of the constant influx of "anti-burn" chemicals in the blood. The chemistry in the blood is not following the original blue print. The difference in the chemical compound of the blood will affect the DNA. We will further discuss that subject at a different time.

So now, we have two different experiences and two different perspectives.

We have the baby who has learned to withdraw the finger from fire. We have the baby who has learned to live with the pain from the fire. However, we have a third possibility! We could learn from someone else's experience with fire. They can tell us about the experience of fire, how they felt when their finger was burned! The baby can be taught and the baby can learn the experience of fire without going through the actual experience of the pain.

Have you noticed that most babies will want to have the actual experience of the burn?

I wonder why?

I think perhaps it is because until the Experience is not legitimized by the baby's own feelings it does not become real. Nevertheless, it still is a legitimate way to learn of the experience of fire, hearing it from someone else. So let us take this line of "reasoning" a little further. Let us say the baby can actually tap into someone else's experience with fire. It can enter the "mind" of the person and experience all the nesciences of burning? Would it than be enough of the burning experience? I wonder.

Let us say that after the first experience with fire, which had the experience of hurt, the baby "learns" that there is no need to experience all the different aspects of burning, when it can simply turn to others experiences of burning.

Would you say that after thousands and thousands of years having experiences with fire by thousands and thousands of people that all the aspects of the experience of fire have been felt, at one time or another? If so, and it would appear to be so, why continue to experience the pain of a burn? Precisely because we have become so engulfed in the experience that we fail to see and understand that we no longer have to experience the burn to know the experience. That all experiences have been felt and noted. All the thumb has to do is to tap into the experience already experienced to know what the experience was.

We are at the point in our Creation that all Experiences to be had in a third dimensional capability have been experienced in countless ways. Therefore all we have to do is to tap into the knowledge acquired individually or from some ones else. Alternatively, we can choose to continue to experience the same sensations and feelings. Like the baby who was burned. It seems to me somewhat fruitless to continue to feel pain just for the experience if the experience has already been had.

Needless to say, we can apply the theory of tapping into experiences in any area of our life.

It really is not so hard to do.

As a child, I remember daydreaming about experiences I had no direct knowledge of. Why children do this is also subject for another paper. I will however give you a clue, it is called reincarnation, and knowledge obtained in other life streams. Actually, I still can do it and so can you. It is very much like going to a movie and getting so caught up the plot that you feel what the actor/actress is feeling or experiencing.

You can choose to learn from that Room full of Experiences or the Experience Library if you will. You can tap into the experience felt by you or someone else and not have to go through the actual experience to learn what it feels like. When you read a book or see a movie do you not learn from some one's experience? Do you have to have the actual experience of something in order to know what it feels like? No.

There is an other side to this. You can choose your experiences.

You can choose to experience the things that make you feel happy, fulfilled, and joyous. You can choose the experiences that will not cause you pain.

So if we are but a finger in a hand, a ray of light from the big Source of All Light, we are part of the whole, we represent all the other fingers or rays of Light, we have come to a point after millennium of existence, that all experiences in a third world reality have been felt in a myriad of experiences, we realize two very important things.

One is that all we have to do is to tap into the knowledge obtained from Experience and not go into the Experience.

Second, it is time to move on to new experiences in other dimensions. :-)

My Peace I give you My Peace I AM.

Alishaya - Knukquni

Rev. EB Church of the Creator (COTC)

Materials copyrighted 6/03.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #86

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