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Toward Your Greater Health And Happiness

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 30, 2003

   You are inseparably One with Creator (God Spirit) and, as well, with all of Creation (God Form). The only distinctions that exist between yourself and the full consciousness and energy / matter of The Universe are those distinctions which you yourself allow and nurture in your self concept.

   You are an individualization of God / Creation. As such, you now possess all of the attributes of Divinity, and also all of the attributes of the totality of existence as you perceive it to be.

   All that you regard as true of God, must be equally true of you as well. All that "is" is equally as much within yourself as without.

   There is no pattern of disease. There is, however, the perfect pattern of health and wholeness that resides in Universal Consciousness; and which manifests and replenishes itself fully - at every moment - once any blockages to the flow of Life Force have been removed.

   Disease is an agreed upon condition wherein you withdraw yourself from the full Universal Presence to place yourself in a state where the internal flow of Life Force is misaligned from its usual, replenishing pattern.

   The principle agents of Life Force misalignment are guilt, anger, jealousy, hatred, lack of self worth; any negative mental / emotional / spiritual pattern which then becomes expressed as disease.

   Just as there is no pattern of disease, likewise, there is no pattern for the anti-process which we know as aging. Your full Mind / Body / Spirit is in a continuous state of rejuvenation. The only force that can prevent your perpetual health and youthfulness is your own choice - however subtle or unconscious -  not to allow this process of renewal to flow in, through, and all around you.

   As physical hunger is a self preservational yearning of the material body, likewise mental and emotional yearnings are your soul's signal that you are in some way deficient and in need of the fulfillment of those non-physical urges.

   The need for love, peace, joy, contentment, sharing, and expansion are expressions of your whole self in need of fulfillment. As you come into states of satisfaction in those areas, your physical body will reflect the improved conditions with corresponding and renewed health and wholeness.

   In order to achieve a desired condition of health and wholeness, we must - more and more - release any impediments to the flow of Spirit Life Force into our full self, and circulating within. The less we focus our thoughts and energies on the disorder (and conversely allow our thoughts and energies to flow in Divine harmony) the better and more quickly we will be replenished and renewed.

   The harder you try, the less will be accomplished.

   Once you can release the concerns and impediments to your desired condition of wholeness, the more quickly it will manifest on its own; as is the perfect pattern of God / Creation, with which you are inseparably One.

   JOY is the presence of God within. PEACE is the joining of your personal will with Divine Will. HAPPINESS is the movement of God Spirit within yourself as It expands outward from within you to touch and experience the greater flow of Life Force in the reality outside of yourself.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #85

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