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They Run, Who Cannot See

Author: Brenda May Grubb    (all articles by this author)
Published on: May 30, 2003

"All of the leaders of Mankind ran from earth as they saw the threat coming toward them. They knew their time was up.

Alas, if only they had a link to within their souls through their heart chakras, then they would have truly seen the Second Coming of The True Saviour of Earth. Instead, they had fear within their hearts, this fear had a hold of all of their chakras system - put in place by themselves in the vain attempt to have complete control over, and above (In the Etheric) the whole of Mankind.

Through the Grace of the Original Creation, there were those few who were of the Original Star-seed still within earth.

Now the earth had returned into their care and keeping, and one again they were being nourished with the Heavenly Manna provided by their Creator; The Creator of All Life.

The Saviour of Earth entered in, through the Second Birthing Canal, set up in the Heavens by the One known of - until then, as Lucifer, who had by that period become a fully reformed Being.

Now he had come to fully recognize the Truth behind the Wisdom of His Father, when He did by-pass him in favour of His Brother whom we know of as Our Lord Jesus, The Christed One upon the earth.

Lucifer had very soon come to understand just how weak he was become as he saw what trials and tribulations his Brother willingly endured in order to save the True remnant of the Divine Star-seeds. He quickly realized the need to give assistance to The Christed One in His hours of greatest need.

He spent his efforts in turning the hearts of those whom he had previously captured.

This was the commencement of the period, whereby they truly knew their time had come. Therefore, they had to make ready to leave the place, which was fast becoming dangerous for them.

They attempted to ensnare the Innocents within the Age of Technology, which was instigated precisely for the purpose, of the lifting away from the coming of The Christed Ones.

However, those Innocents quickly awoke to the frequency of the vibration coming through from the return of their Beloved Brother through the Star-gates.

The 'captured ones' tried their utmost to slow Him down whilst they completed preparations to escape from their fate, which would surely be whilst they remained within the confines of earth.

It was the ever presence of the Original Star-seeds, holding on to the frequency, which included the makeup of the Divine Star-gate (Straight-gate of your Bible). That their attempts proved fruitless, and they eventually gave up - but not before they had successfully destroyed much of the earth, thereby leaving most of the Innocents in utter chaos, and would be unable to follow them.

However, even they had been brought into Being with the Original Intention. It would not be 'too long' before - one by one, from among the number of the 'true devotees', the hearts of a few would begin to resonate to the frequency of the Original Intention once again.

In this manner were the creations of the followers of Lucifer - before he turned once more to the Original Intention -they were to be sealed up for all eternity.

Meanwhile, the Original Star-seeds, having been fed and nourished with Manna, became once more in their original and pristine state. Ready once again to answer the True Calling of The True Mother/Father of Creation, as it was revealed unto them once more. These attempts to divide, thus conquer the Original Star-seed, and trample upon them, by creating the duality in Life. This would gradually be dissolved. From within, they would regain the Glory of Their Originality. Also, their unique ability to demonstrate the True depth of Wisdom to those who had stayed amongst them, but who truly were those known of as 'Wolves in Sheep's Clothing', and needed to be routed out. This was to be the first of many unsavoury tasks to be carried out, before all were properly equipped to resume with the Original Intention

The Battle for Earth had, finally been won. Therefore, the Battle for the Universe could commence, and the outcome of that, was already, clearly decided.

There was indeed celebrations within the Divine Realms, these to be repeated among the lower-levels, at the most appropriate times, but not before The Innocents had been fully awakened as to the fullest extent of The Second Coming of their long departed Brother/Sister of the Original State, once more.

May all whose eyes gaze upon these words, be granted discernment of Creation, each, according to their ability, and the requirement of their spirit. To regain what has been thus far, hidden from their True eyes".

(Once having fully established strong links with the Divine Intention of yourself, then begin the process of 'weaning' yourself from all unnecessary 'external' crutches i.e.: "I want" - everything you will ever need is yours, and will be drawn unto you. Mobile phones etc.: -'entrapped within the age of technology'. When the Call to stop using them shall come from within, do please heed that Calling, as it will come at the most appropriate time for you.

The process of once again, regaining that which we have lost will come as and when, 'those who do not see' will have ceased to focus on the overall need to control, in favour of the need for Self-preservation. The release this will bring is to reverberate strongly within earthly atmosphere. It may cause even greater 'fear', because it will be thought of initially as coming from an unrecognizable source'. Forewarned is forearmed, by Star-seeds who by then/now can Truly hold the balance of Life, in readiness for their Divine Brother's return.

The need to loosen all ties with present systems cannot be stressed enough, because the more one steps onto the Divine Path once again, the less one will need to travel along the present system.

To answer the Calling from the heart chakras cannot be emphasized too strongly. You are truly to be a Master of your own Destiny from now on.

Either you can loosen all lower ties for good, and consequently will join all other Star-seeds, or, if the ties are too great, that the need to continue to tread the 'now' pathway is still with you, then you will surely be treated as one of the 'Wolves in Sheep's Clothing' and will be chased away. The time is now to know of these things.

Adjust your thought patterns onto the higher frequencies now entering into Mother Earth's atmosphere via the Star-gates. Do this, and all will be well. Do not send out waves of panic among people. There is enough for everyone to contend with. Calmly mention these things as and when the occasion arises to speak of them. Treat ALL as natural phenomena, which will always occur at the right time, and which will be accepted in the right manner by all.

Close the door to fear, it is not for you.

Sample instead the delights of the fruits of Heavenly Bliss. "Who put the Serpent in the Garden of Eden?"

If 'Eve' were truly given knowledge it would have been given to her from within, as is always the way betwixt The Creator and His Children, The Star-seeds of Life, and it would not have been the cause of any anxiety".


These words are given in guidance only through LOVE, and can either be accepted or rejected, according to the reader's feelings

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #85

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