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The Goddess Dove

Author: Star Princess    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 7, 2003

The Goddess Dove sings her song

 As high in starry sky she rests

 And beams of brilliance

 Encompass the land.

 In the song is a tear that melts

 And wafts away all sorrow;

 Men arise and rub their eyes

 To see the flash of stars.

 Across the heavens strides the Goddess

 And trails behind her, a Light.

 Men look aghast and stumble

 In stride and all else aside.

 Now they have seen a sign in the sky,

 A portant of things not known;

 They awake and look in new birth

 Upon a wonder long enshroud,

 For the Goddess Dove went far away

 With Her children of Light beams

 And entrenched Herself

 In a land of peace and great Love,

 Until the day should dawn

 When men should seek to destroy

 Their homeland planet of green

 And ride roughshod o'er all.

 When all seems lost and destiny o'er

 The Goddess arises and shakes Herself

 And descends in power and glory

 Her brothers to rescue as planned.


Originally published in Project X Newsletter #82

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