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The Other World Upstairs

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: March 7, 2003

Feb. 18, 2003

( non-fiction )

What you will read here may seem to stretch your capacities for open-mindedness. As I pursue this investigation, I will be glad to share pictorial and other recorded evidences with as many as possible.

     Angie is a real sweetheart. She and I became friends through the many years that we were neighbors at the mobile home park. She and her family moved from the park in October of 2002. I will have officially relocated to my new address by March 1 of this year.

     One thing that Angie and I have in common is a questing for the paranormal. We would always share our latest findings with one another on a daily basis. A few weeks ago, I had the impulsive urge to visit Angie and her kids at their new address, and to take the opportunity to keep my promise to show my new place to them. As it turned out, our new houses are only about a mile and a half from one another.

     Once I had finished giving Angie and her kids the grand tour of my place, she dropped a "bombshell" on me that left me stunned, frozen, speechless, and (above all) ecstatically intrigued.

     She quietly revealed to me that her step-father's relatives live in an older, two story house (not far from either of our new homes) that sits along side a freeway,  and is otherwise surrounded by scores of sub-divisions. She said that the first floor vistas looking out of the windows of the house show exactly what is seen from the outside. However, when one ascends the flight of steps to the second level, all that can be seen: for as far as the eye can see, are row, after row, after row, of crops.

     You will see not a single house from any of the second story windows, nor the freeway that is "suppose" to be there,  Angie said that even the sounds of the outside world as perceived from the first floor are absent.

     She shared with me also that the current owners of the house are quite guarded about allowing others to see this phenomenon. Angie said that an older family member of the owners had died in the house, and that that was one of the reasons that the family regards the anomaly as a possible condition of Divine intervention. She did, however, promise to get the necessary diplomatic balls rolling that might eventually allow me a few minutes on the house's second floor.

    Angie told me of a few times previous when she has taken others to view the anomaly. She said that the response is always the same..... There's a minute or so of frozen disbelief followed by a running leap back down the stairs to the more recognizable world on the house's first floor. Then come several minutes of well chosen expletives, nervous laughter, and body shakes. All who have made the trip have vowed to never again ascend those steps.

     So then, what might this be?

     You may have read another story that I wrote a little over a year ago which I titled, "The House That Isn't There / My Neighbors In A Parallel Dimension". In the article, I spoke of having to come to terms with the fact that the dimensional barrier on my property was sufficiently thin as to have caused minor inter-dimensional "neighborly" grievances between myself and a group of individuals whose house in a parallel dimension shares space with my old home. The house spoken of by Angie is roughly one mile to the Northeast of my old house, along the same creek.

     Naturally, drawing from my previous encounters, my first thoughts were that the view from the second story of the house in question would most probably be a vista into the parallel dimension from which my neighbors came.

     The other - equally likely - possibility would be that of a temporal rift; a "time jump".

      We are predisposed to assume that the abundant presence of well tended crops must automatically preclude that any such temporal shift as mentioned here must certainly be into our past. But consider that the focal point in this anomaly may be the structure itself, and that it is STILL standing at some point in our distant future. Additionally, the crops described do not match the farming habits of the areas rural residents from the past two centuries. What we have here is something that has not yet been rather than something that was before.

     Perhaps the future owners of the structure will install a "time shifter" on the structures second story which will allow them to venture into their past and future. Maybe their device works a little "too well".

     There may be, of course, other possibilities worthy of consideration.

      What if we are looking into an actual "star gate"? What if the condition that is behind the shifting reality is being generated from another planet in a distant star system? What if "they" keep the door open, and come and go through it for reasons unfathomable to us?

     It is certainly interesting that no one has yet found the composure to spend enough time on the house's second floor to document any type of movement or activities on the other side of the windows.

     If things progress as I hope that they will, this is what I intend to do with the aid of a video recorder and monitoring instruments.

     Anything can provide a clue as to what we are encountering here: unrecognizable insects or birds, recognizable older model vehicles, unknown aerial craft, strange animal life / or even stranger sentient life.

     Additionally, star patterns in the night sky may help to answer whether the world outside of the second story is "here" or "there". We must also be prepared to work through the question of is it "now" or "then".

     Is "day time" on the first floor necessarily the equal time of day on the second story?

     I am hoping to be able to explore these possibilities as soon as possible.

     I will be more than happy to share my findings with you. That is, of course, providing that I make it past the phase of bolting back down the steps, body shakes, and well chosen expletives!

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #82

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