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This Journey...

Author: Erik S.    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 21, 2002


This journey I take is one of both dreams and fates, Long have I waded in the pool that be darkness and hate. But now I walk away from the darkness to the path of the life and light, renewed with open heart, body, soul and might. An oath I have swore to our lord from the above, to do his work as I am now his utensil of will, direction and perception. I see the war and know the grounds on which it is fought, for it is here and now that darkness gathers its strength, feeding upon our dark desires, secret fears and hates, It is darkness that clouds our hearts and souls with doubt, fear and senseless rage, though all of us deep within desire only peace and of good will for all of light's creation. Too many do not yet see this, those to whom read this are beginning or have begun to see the battle unfold. But more of us need to see, more of us need to believe. I ask of you pass this message to all whom you know, our time is short for this I know. How may you ask be I so sure? Cause I am one of the seven that shall stand his ground and face the dark lord in the field of wheat at the time when the clouds be there blackest and the darkness will walk upon this plane, many souls will wail in pain and fear, fear not for we are the children of light we are unto or lord's own. I bid you my love, my everything for without you I am nothing except one with none. Peace and Light be with you.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #78

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