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The Coded Message

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 21, 2002

August 18, 2002

Preliminary Decoding Of The Circular Message In The 2002 Face And Circular Binary Code



A Little UFO History From Traditional Ufology

1947 - Two winged stealth fighter-looking craft (not saucers) come down near the Roswell Air Force Base in New Mexico. The going story is that they were brought down by weaponized radar beams directed at them from military bases on the West Coast. One non-human survivor of the incident becomes the first diplomatic link between the US government and the inhabitants of a huge "mothership" visible to the world's governments; in high orbit around the earth.

Using information provided from the Roswell survivor, the US Army initiates "Project Sigma", the effort to contact the inhabitants of the orbiting object and to establish dialogue in the hopes of diplomatic relations.

July, 1952 The "invasion of Washington". Over the course of several weeks, waves of UFOs position themselves and are photographed over Washington D.C.

February, 1954 - Three silver metallic saucers come into view over Edwards Air Force Base, California. One of the saucers descends and lands. Out step three reptilian hybrid exstraterrestrials. Their race will come to be known as the "hook-nose Greys". These are official emissaries of the civilization whose space platform is in orbit around the earth. The Base commanders come to greet the visitors, and with the aid of the aliens' hand held translators, begin the first face-to-face exchange between these aliens and the US government.

The ETs claim that they are the roving survivors of a civilization that has been forced to evacuate their home world that orbits the star Betelguise. They say that their star has become a red giant and created uninhabitable conditions on their home planet. They make it clear from the beginning that they are searching the Galaxy for a suitable new home world, and are willing to provide "incentives" to the US government in exchange for permission to establish base colonies within the United States. They request a meeting with President Eisenhower.

The President suddenly "disappears" from Washington much to the shock of the news media D.C. correspondents.

President Eisenhower arrives at Edwards and opens dialogue with the aliens. The Greys reveal to Eisenhower that they wish to begin an education program with the people of earth to acquaint the earth's inhabitants with their civilization and to teach higher scientific principles. They also make it clear that they wish to blend their genetic codes with those of select humans in an effort to fortify what they claim is their depleting genetic make-up.

They arrange for a variety of demonstrations to show the US government some of the technological hard ware with which they are willing to barter to gain permission for the implementation of their inter-world program with the people of earth. Among the techno-marvels that they display are stealth technology, invisibility shielding, laser weaponry, and a process for the storage and retrieval of information that will be later be known as the "computer".

Following a few days of negotiations, President Eisenhower aligns himself with those factors in the government who believe that open contact with the Greys would lead to the degradation and eventual collapse of human social order. Others in the government - particularly the military - urge the President to be open to the aliens' offers to revolutionize America's technologies. A compromise is reached that provides for the Greys to secretly scan the population for subjects who they consider to be suitable for cross-mating, but that this must be carried out in a manor that would not draw attention to their actions. The program that we know as "alien abduction" was begun - the brain-child of the US government.

The Greys are granted permission to establish underground bases on government owned property; particularly around military bases.

The "BEARERS OF FALSE GIFTS" are granted a wide berth within which to operate in the United States.

A few months following the Edwards meetings, there came walking into the Oval Office human looking extraterrestrials. They identified themselves as members of a Galactic Federation who had been monitoring the actions of the Greys, and said that they had come to caution the people of earth against making any treaties and agreements with them. They warned that we would eventually destroy ourselves with the technologies that were being offered to us.

They further warned that we would be double-crossed by the Greys, and would eventually become their unwitting servants.

The Federation visitors said that they came from a number of worlds across the Galaxy. (Including human planets in the Pleiades, Sirius, Altair, and Tau Ceti)

They claimed that their human members were earth's biological cousins; all the descendants of ancient human colonists. Among the Federation worlds were the inhabitants of the Zeta Reticuli systems; who we now think of as the "classic" Greys.

The 2002 crop formation message appears to have been placed by the Reticulins, and is consistent with their original message of warning to us, and coupled with their further promise to "keep an eye on" proceedings on earth as we come to terms with the reptilian intruders and the unsuspected dangers that our agreements with them would bring.

Attached are the URLs of the referred images, and a preliminary interpretation of the binary code message.

Alien Face & Digital Disc -

Close-Up of Digital Disc -

The 2002 face and code formation is a couple miles to the west of Winchester. Another 5 or 6 miles further west is the Chilbolton Radio Observatory.

Face and code wheat formation 250 feet wide by 360 feet long at Vale Farm next to Crabwood forest in the village of Pitt near Winchester, Hampshire, U.K., first reported at 9 a.m. on August 16, 2002

The circle partially overlaying the Alien visage, Appears to contains digital information comprising of ones and zeros. (Either flattened or erect corn).

MESSAGE CONTENTS (some missing)

This is the deciphering of the message:

"Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts & their BROKEN PROMISES. Much PAIN but still time. (Damaged Word). There is GOOD out there. We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit CLOSING (BELL SOUND)"

The message consists of 26 Words, interestingly the English alphabet has 26 letters.

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Originally published in Project X Newsletter #78

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