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Opening Words - I Am

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: September 21, 2002

In response to my invitation to a new dialogue, I have received several e-mails, each telling a way to describe the "I simply am" or "I Am". That will be today's newsletter's main theme. Let us begin with two messages from my close friends.


Everyone in my life has their own opinion of what I simply am.

To my teachers, I simply am a gifted student,

though my gift is not a simple one.

To my family, I simply am the smart one,

though intelligence comes in all colors.

To my friends I simply am a mentor,

though I have much to learn myself.

To those who know me best I simply am unlucky,

though its the hardest times that teach me the most.

To strangers I simply am just another face,

though behind it lies a great philosophical mind.

To the ignorant masses I simply am misguided,

yet it is they who walk blindly.

To myself and the enlightened, I just simply 'AM'



Hi Alex

I wanted to send you a quick note after reading the newsletter.

I liked what you had to say about yourself. I've been sensing something different about you lately, like you are more detached than you used to be. Maybe I understand because I've been going through something similar.

Just as I was getting ready to write to you, I thought of something I'd read in Secret Native American Pathways. It had to do with getting emptied out, in order to become like a cleared out tube...... for what is higher to pass through.

Well it went something like that. And maybe that is what has been happening to me.

Finding myself in a dream type state a lot lately, with my eyes open..... with the knowing that about the best thing for me to do now is focus on the now.

Best wishes always,



Apologies and correction - in the previous issue, I have neglected to add the relevant link to Mark Andrews's "In The 'Face' Of Fear" article. My apologies to the author and the readers, and here it is:

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #78

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