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Human Soul and its Evolutionary State

Author: Brenda May Grubb    (all articles by this author)
Published on: July 19, 2002

At present, the human soul's evolutionary state of existence is likened to a projected stream of counterbalancing energy. The Soul en-masse has to now project itself forward through, out of the earth's influence and onward into the next dimension, in order to prepare the way for the soul-state which hasn't quite advanced to the required state of evolution, so will need certain conditions to give it the necessary degree of confidence before it will accept the directions given.


Dearest children of the earthly existence. I am now working through this child to establish in your hearts a form of understanding which will hopefully see you through the next stage within your development toward returning to your Divine Heritage - your spiritual home. This can be accomplished when you have the required framework incorporated into your heart chakras. You will automatically recognize if this is activated within yourself, as I continue with this little message.

The idea is to steadily introduce you to a program of raising your consciousness. The ultimate goal in all of this, will be to enable you all to form within your consciousness a far greater existence for you than you presently know.

Carefully, we now place our feet forward. As we take our first step, we find ourselves on the outside of our existence, looking at ourselves.

We mentally take note of what we find, for now we see ourselves, maybe as others see us. But we are not at all worried as to what others think of us, no! We are only concerned with how we appear to us. There will undoubtedly be one or two things we would like to change. What can we do about this? I will now tell you.

Everything you will ever need will be found within yourself! Having established this fact, we now need to call upon our heart chakra to open. We will then ask our heart chakra to send a blanket of Love and Compassion to those aspects of us we would like to change.

Then we would call upon the Essence of Existence to transmute those aspects, allowing them to become a part of the Love and Compassion within our heart chakra.


The world is a wonderful place - if we allow it to be so.

There is so very much we DON'T know, and we are still trying to prove to each other that which we DO know, that we have no time to sit still and ask to be given information on what is next on the agenda, so I have been asked to provide this information for your convenience.

There are, just now at this moment of our time in our existence, a whole new range of energies advancing into the earth's environment, and they are of necessity of a much finer vibration owing to our advancement from the third dimension, and on into the forth dimension, which is what we are even now progressing through.

However, we are not going to remain in the forth dimension for very long. It is merely a preparation for our entrance into the fifth dimension where we shall find ourselves working with even finer vibrations than those which are just now entering into our consciousness.

In order to maintain our status within the Wheel of Life, we are going to have to still the mind on the conscious level, and become accustomed to these finer vibrations, which are in effect allowing more and more Light into our cellular structures so we will be more suited for the fifth dimension.

The changes are coming, but not before we are ready to cope with them. Our friends within the World of Spirit, as we are accustomed to calling everything that is not of the world of the earth plane, do not wish for the total annihilation of Humanity, so they are going to prepare ALL for their particular role within this coming growth period for Mother Earth.

There are many aspects to Humanity, which are at this moment totally segmented from the point of view of the earth plane. However, from the point of view of those apart from the earth plane, this is just not the case, and as we come into the fifth dimension proper, then we shall truly see that we are NOT the fragmented societies we see ourselves to be, and we will become One Whole Body of Humanity working together fro the good of our Brothers and Sisters.

The more we can allow the Higher understandings of life to enter into our awareness, the more light we allow into our cellular structures, and so the easier it will become for those who are to follow in our wake regarding our evolvement. It will be far too late if we were to wait until we see the 'whites of their eyes' before thinking of these understandings, in other words we must begin now, to master the higher aspects within ourselves, at the same time subduing the lower, and coarser side of our nature, this is in preparation for its eventual extinction.'

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #76

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