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Astral Reflex

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 5, 2002

Several nights ago, I had a multiple out-of-body experience. Multiple, because I've left and re-entered my physical body about three times.

I used the "SunEye" method, same technique that worked for me in the past (if anyone recalls, I've posted about it a while ago). Basically, in this method, you set the alarm clock to wake you up after 6 hours of sleep. When falling asleep for the first time, focus your eyes toward the center of the forehead (where the sixth chakra - third eye - Sun Eye resides), and repeatedly tell yourself, "Tonight, I will have an out-of-body experience." When you're awakened six hours later, stay awake for about 1/2 - 1 hour, then go back to sleep, telling yourself, for at least three minutes, while still focusing on your Sun Eye, "NOW I will have an out-of-body experience."

I've found out, that the less I understand the technique of OBE/astral projection, and less conscious I am, the more I'm successful at it. I don't understand the logic behind the "SunEye" method, but it works as a charm. There are several possible scenarios that happen when you fall asleep; in the past, for example, I've realized that I'm dreaming (a lucid dream), so I've decided to wake up, and as I did, I've realized that my body is still paralyzed (as it is for all of us, when we sleep), so I simply slid out of it. This time, I just woke up and WILLED myself, or, rather, FORCED myself out of my body.

Here's one of the most interesting things: I required only a very little of pre-read knowledge to perform the separation; I did not have to visualize anything, or climb an invisible rope, etc. It's like we have this astral reflex already built in, and it was as natural as moving my arms - my physical ones, that is. Anyway, as I pulled myself out, there was a flash of whitish light around me, and a noise of a rushing wind, which I concluded to be the vibration or energy. The noise was slightly sickening at my head's area, like a sink sucking in the remains of water; I've concluded that there was not enough energy there, more had to be directed to the head's chakras. Eventually, I was out.

I was sluggishly floating above my bed. It was totally dark, I could not see a thing; half-unwittingly, I've opened my physical eyes, repeating a mistake of the past; thus, my consciousness transformed back into the physical body, and I heard an "angry" noise, as my astral or soul body pulled itself back into the physical (I left the astral one hanging!); I helped it pulling back as well.

Again, I left my body. I must note here, that the sequence events are not 100% precise; after all, my brain was still partially asleep. Which, by the way, brings me to another interesting point - I think that I was functioning on a different level of consciousness. All the previous beliefs and expectations played little-to-none role; I projected and floated naturally, non-consciously, as I would in a dream. In fact, I think that I projected myself into some sort of a dream world, because I started to see the details of the room, but I doubt it was exactly my room.

Back to the body. A thought reaches me, that I should roll on my back - I was lying on the side - for an easier projection. I follow the advice, separate, and sit up on the bed. Realizing that my experience is limited by my room, I silently ask the Masters (of ATOM teachings) to take me somewhere. I'm momentarily startled, as I sense a presence behind my right shoulder, but I think it's my physical body, that lies behind me n the bed.

And then it happens. I'm transported to see about three worlds, or, rather, areas in outer space, filled with bright blue color, birds of paradise and flowers. I understand that I never dream about flowers (or birds of paradise, for that matter!), hence it is neither a dream, nor my imagination. This part of my experience was brief.

This is the biggest part of my experience. I've omitted smaller details, like the fact that, later, I was fully dreaming, but still understood that, while I watch and participate in my dream, my body is left in the room behind me. But I think I've delivered the main idea of this message - it's all natural and universal, our ability to separate and fly/float, as well as being taken to distant worlds. The secret is not to think too much ;-)

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #71

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