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One only - Universal Law

Author: Doug Lewis    (all articles by this author)
Published on: February 13, 2002

How often has this thought, (or one like it), crossed your mind, "Why do certain things exist and persist, even if they are undesirable and not much wanted by anyone?"

The other day, this very question crossed my mind again. After gazing at my navel for a while, (my metaphor for cogitating), I reached a conclusion.

"Everything that exists and persists does so because we acknowledge existence of it. Ignored things fade and vanish."

I know this observation seems simplistic on the surface, but when one considers the power and magic in being able to create and sustain something or make it vanish, that is a powerful trick.

How many things today have simply vanished because they are no longer acknowledged by the general population? Even enormous, (for the times), things have simply vanished even though for a time they represented the most important thing to humans at that time. Bringing something into existence is just as easy, it simply requires acknowledgement of its existence by someone somewhere and agreement by others that it is so.

One of the ramifications of this simple observation is that being in opposition to something undesirable... in fact, SUPPORTS its existence! Exactly the opposite effect to what one intends or desires. I think this example of irony may be the crux of the concept. In any event the observation gave rise to a diary entry, one I would like to share.

Reference "Brain Wave Diary" (02/02/02)

One only - Universal Law.

"Space allows ALL to exist... for ALL needs somewhere to be."

Change prevents certainty of anything else.

Other "facts" are snapshots of personal perspective and are true only once... for that individual for there and then. Un-pursued or ignored perspectives remain undiscovered or simply vanish. What we pursue is what we manifest... into something we know as reality. Things exist simply because we acknowledge them. Therefore without life perceiving things, there is virtually nothing.

Creation is yours to perform within the miraculous gifted space.

This endless space is dedicated for your reality to manifest within, a changing place for all possibility. Imagine a world where only desirable things receive acknowledgement. Desirable IS all in the mind. When sufficient minds agree on desirable, desirability is granted.

This is the reality of our current state and our hope for changing reality.

How difficult is it NOT to pursue the undesirable? Very! Our nature is predisposed to oppose.

Once we resist this temptation we are able to move forward with desirable earth changes and changes for ourselves.


In appreciation for my many virtual friends, there is a fun metaphysical story available for reading at my site, it may be fun for some and help pass away some time with troubles left far behind. It is a first draft so is... as is.

It is dedicated to the wonder of wondering and those that would wonder so...

Why not join Wendy, Marcus, Mr. Dross and the intrepid Vig as they unwittingly set about concluding the prophecy of the Mayan calendar. Who would have guessed Luq Doe, with a mind of her own would become the catalyst for the conclusion. Visit strange places, awe at examples of nature and her unfathomable approaches, peek into little known cultures... Yes, this adventure story it is simply for fun and you may enjoy it.

The Story

Her life's memories were taken tragically in a most bizarre twist of fate. Comatose for seven years she languished with undetermined brain damage. No one of kin claimed this waif as theirs and she languished alone in a strange and foreign land totally dependent on strangers' benevolence and her finders good will.

She truly was in ONE'S hands.

How could someone of such miserable circumstance become earth's most treasured link?

Meaning well, the children read to Luq while she lay in coma. Seven solid years of fairy tales and ancient mystery replaced lost memory as she slumbered - with fairy tale reality.

A mind like no other, no other mind would do. There is a yellow brick road and an old woman in a shoe. To save a world takes way more than we could ever know, for Luq it was so simple to sing and save the show. Twenty twelve was coming fast and risk there was aplenty, but Luq and crew held fast their way and whisked us all to safety.

From a nursery rhyme dated 2045 written by an unknown but grateful Luq fan... It should be noted all written learning materials beyond 2012 took the form of nursery rhymes - by popular choice of the world population...

Leave trouble behind and proceed to the ~(HOLO-SPHERE)~

Found at

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #69

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