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Through The Veil

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 16, 2001

Messages From A Trusted (Departed) Friend In Spirit Who Shares Our Concerns Since 9-11.

This is the time of the year when the barrier that separates the physical and spirit worlds is the most penetrable.

That is why Halloween, All Saints Day, and Mexico's Day Of The Dead all fall so close together within the space of little more than a week.

From some time in 1976 until September 8, 1994, I regarded Jim Fortmeyer as my best friend. Jim crossed into spirit on 9-8-94.

He and I had enough time before his passing to make an agreement that he would give a sign (to all of us who cared so much for him) that he had made a safe and pleasant transition.

Jim's cat, Sam, died in 1990. I was renting a room from Jim when Sam died. We would often see Sam's energy body darting around the house after his death.

On the day of our remembrance service in honor of Jim, I went in to the pantry of my new (freshly painted) house to find a cat's paw prints walking down the pantry wall. Obviously, Jim had found Sam and was well enough to provide such a humorous sign. All of us who had gathered that evening saw the prints and were relieved - and tickled - to have received such a "typically Jim" message from our departed (?) friend.

I offered myself to receive and share telepathic messages to the others (all friends of Jim). We had the expected assurances and expressions of caring that might be expected at such a gathering.

Jim and I - as well as the rest of those assembled - had always maintained a focus on the prophetic Earth changes and global events that have been predicted to precede the New (Aquarian) Age.

One of the guests asked Jim if (from his vantage point) he was able to foresee anything of prophetic significance in our near future. He replied that he could, but that it was yet some time ahead in our future...

The date of this memorial service was 9-11-94, seven years to the day before the 9-11 attack.

Seeing as how we are now in the season of transcendence, I thought it would be a good idea to reconnect with Jim and see if he would care to expound on his (9-11) 9-11 prediction.

I will now be connected with Jim as I type the questions as well as Jim's responses.

Q. Who was behind the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center?

A. The men in the blue suits, and the king who smokes a pipe.

Q. Who is behind the anthrax scare?

A. The men in the green uniforms. Basically, it's a non-event. It's an attention getter; a distraction. There's a domestic agenda behind it all. Call it a "cold" civil war.

Q. What do you foresee in our near future in terms of more terrorist acts in the U.S.?

A. I'm going to leave that alone for now. There are things in the planning stages that can be thwarted. You should keep your thoughts and energies on denying the essential negative cosmic energies that are needed to bring those things about. Imagine dark clouds changing to white and colorful, sunrise clouds.

Q. Have you suggested that there are elements of the U.S. government that are engaged in a power struggle?

A. Yes. That pretty well sums it up.

Q. What can we expect in terms of earth changes; earthquakes, volcanoes, etc.?

There's - now - a fissure opening between L.A. and Death Valley. The big break will happen in March. It will cause a 7. quake in the L.A. basin.

Sink holes will begin to become a problem in the Southeastern states. This is a response to the San Andreas' shifting in California.

Another quake is "stewing" in the Mississippi Valley. This will be north of the New Madrid fault. There will be two pre-shocks and one main jolt, within 30 to 45 day after the L.A. quake. The magnitude of the major quake will be 6.+.

Mexico City will need to be evacuated beginning this winter. Two volcanoes will erupt near the city around Easter, 2002. There will be so many moderate quakes in the region before the eruptions that the ground will be described as being like rolling waves in a turbulent sea.

Mt. Hood in Oregon and Mt. Rainier and Mt. Baker in Washington are coming to life. There will be high pitched sounds and deep rumblings reported in Portland. Seattle will experience many pre-eruption quakes and landslides. (Full eruptions in late Winter / early Spring 2003.)

Three volcanoes in Northern and Central California will become much more active beginning in January 2003. Sacramento will be "cut off" from points East for a period of about 4 days.

San Francisco will be crippled by a 7.5 quake in April or May of 2003.

Buffalo, New York will be shaken by a 5 - 6 point quake in the Spring of 2003.

It will be interesting to see how Jim's predictions come to pass.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #65

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