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The Story Of A Spiritual Medium

Author: Johan Lindeman    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 16, 2001

Hello, my name is Johan Lindaman and I am a spiritual medium. To give you insight in how the Paranormal came into my life you can read my story.

I was born on Monday the 16th of February in 1981 at 23:30. My mother always felt strongly connected with the American Indians. One day, when I was a baby, she held me in her arms went outside in the middle of the night on her bare feet and together with her sister she devoted me to the higher powers. She put me in the palms of her hands, lifted her arms in the air and asked the spirits to protect me during my life. Her mother had already passed over to the spirit world before I was born, so she also asked my late grandmother to give me protection by showing her the grandchild. I was the second child in this family, and I have an older brother named Willem.

When I was five years old my parents' marriage was not a very happy one. My father treated my mother as his personal possession and she felt very isolated. We owned a pub and were financially well off, but my father started to drink heavily, became an alcoholic and addicted to gambling. He took money from the till, disappeared for weeks and visited prostitutes. He became an aggressive man and I saw him throwing knives at my mother. Sometimes in the middle of the night we all had to run away. We stayed at my aunt's house and used it as a hideaway because my father kept threatening to kill my mother. There were lots of arguments and I felt my father favoured my brother more, so I became very close to my mother.

Despite all this I didn't feel alone, I had a friend, Karim. No one could see him and whenever I was crying in bed, he was there to comfort me. My parents eventually divorced, my mother got a restraining order and my father could not hurt us anymore. It was a difficult time and my mother had to choose between the business and her children.

The three of us moved to a little house in a village called Stroobos. I went to a new school and all the tensions started to disappear, at that time I was seven years old. It was hard to run a family with only the money from benefits, and to earn some extra money my mother helped her sister in her shop, selling minerals and vitamins. There were days I would come home from school and my mother was working, I felt alone and I cried a lot. I was afraid I would lose my mother as well, although deep inside I knew this would not happen.

One day I was crying and my friend Karim came. Suddenly I heard him speak, "Ask your mother for a picture of her that will give you strength". At first I thought it was strange, but I felt happy at the same time. I started to talk to him, and when my mother came home that night I told her everything, and she gave me her picture. My mother and family explained to me that hearing those things was because I was special; I had psychic abilities, a gift. I did not feel lonely anymore and every time I did felt sad because I had to wait for my mother I just looked at her picture.

Life was much better and I was happier and had many friends. I did not forget about Karim, but until I was 13 years old I was not so consciously aware of him. I became interested in the I-Ching and I felt it was good for me. I soon discovered that I started to see things and I remembered those experiences from my early childhood. Although I was still very young, lots of people came to me for help. They asked for healing or just wanted to talk to me. I then knew this would become my life's purpose. I was very busy and helped lots of people nationally and internationally, doctors and housewives, they all came to me.

When I was 14 I started to give public healing in front of an audience. I had success and lots of invitations to different meetings. I organized healing meetings in a church I rented 4 times a week and had regular interviews by local papers, national magazines and TV.

I am very down to earth, just a normal person and my psychic abilities do not mean that I am on cloud nine. This is how the paranormal came into my life from the day I was born. It might sound strange but I am grateful for the many challenges I had in my life, they made me stronger and it taught me that nothing happens without a reason. The greatest gift we receive in our life is our spiritual wisdom.

Free readings are available on my website. If you want to know why and how I do my readings you will find information on

To know how 'Snow', a wonderful woman whom I did a reading for, experienced her encounter, read the story below. This is what she wrote on the Dutch Forum:

"After reflecting back on everything that happened last night I would like to share how I experienced this reading.

Let me tell you first why and how I came to this site.

My life until now has been one of many obstacles, falling down and getting up again, and sometimes the confusion resulted in losing my direction. Like a couple of weeks ago were I had all sort of emotions that are hard to explain but most of all they made me feel very lonely. I feel I am on a personal spiritual journey, searching for myself, mostly driven by my inner feelings but slowed down by my rational side. A friend advised me to open myself towards the spiritual and maybe start reading books about it.

Ever since my grandma died, 2 years ago, I had the feeling that she was still around me and that it is her who is encouraging me to go on this spiritual journey. A bird, flying and screeching during her funeral intrigued me, and after we moved house I can, in certain moments, still hear this bird, even in the middle of the night. Like many other people, I would like to know the meaning of those coincidences but after a while I thought that it was only my imagination and tried to forget. This is only one example of things happening to me that I cannot explain. Well, meanwhile I am reading lots of books about spiritual subjects, things I never thought were possible. Some subjects I feel connected to others not and my opinion is usually driven by my feelings. This site had my attention as well, and yesterday I decided to attend a meeting.

There I was, a bundle of nerves, sitting behind my computer waiting and wondering what would happen. I had no idea and was a bit skeptic at first and was wondering why I felt so nerves. You can imagine how shocked I was when Johan said he wanted to start with me! I had only planned to read what he would say about others, not even dreamed that he would do that for me.

My heart was pounding fast... I was reading what Johan had to tell, and was so shocked that I forgot to answer and give my feedback. I was convinced he had contact with my mother's mother because I was so close to her during her earthly life. I completely forgot about my other Grandma, who died many years ago, with whom I had not such a close contact and I never had the opportunity to say good-bye to her. You can imagine I was surprised that she wanted to contact me.

While I was writing down what Johan had to say it suddenly became so clear that it was she and I recognized so much, only the G I could not place (although my husband's name starts with a G) and C that both grandmas have in their names. When he said she never knew my children but knows them now in spirit, I almost fell off my chair. Bingo! How could he have known without knowing me. So I knew that this could only be the case if he had really contact with my Grandma. With tears in my eyes I continued reading.

...about my miscarriage (bingo again!) although he could have been talking about her as well, she herself had 3 children, one of them died just after birth..

..about my stomach, I have a tumour in my stomach, the last few days my stomach was very sensitive, swollen..

..about lots of other things that Johan could not have known about but were absolutely clear to me..

I feel I got to know my Grandma much better now, I never knew she liked biking just as much as I and many of my family do, so it must be running in the family! Her son (my father) bikes long distances.

Skeptic?? Maybe still a little bit but thinking of Johan I get a warm feeling inside. Thank you, Johan, for making it possible for me to finally get to know my Grandma much better and for having contact with her through you. You are a special person!

It is a real comfort to know that both Grandmas are watching over me and that both are so close to me during my spiritual journey.

I am lonely but not alone!

Lots of love,


You will certainly see me again on your "wonderful and warm" site!"

As you can see, there is more between heaven and earth. And this can be a real comfort for many. I am still learning as a medium and I am not pretending that I am right every time. I am human as well and we all can make mistakes.

Inspirational thought:

"Your soul is filled with love and tenderness and you can learn to feel it. Soon you will notice that the biggest challenges in life become the most valuable lessons for which we should be grateful."

I hope that love, harmony and peace will be part of your life.

With love and light,

Johan Lindeman



Originally published in Project X Newsletter #65

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