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Evidence Of "Mind Control" On 9-11?

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 16, 2001

Was Earth's Global Consciousness Manipulated For 18 Hours On September 11, 2001?

Princeton University operates an extensive experiment designed to detect variations in the collective consciousness on earth by means of monitoring the randomness of numbers displayed by 38 "random number generators" placed around the world.

The "Global Consciousness Project" gathers number displays into a central computer bank from the 38 generators and correlates periods of "non-randomness" with events to see if changes in global consciousness are reflected by changes in the numbers shown.

The idea is that a sufficient number of minds focused on the same "target" will change the number generators to give more repetitive readings.

This has proven to be the case on many occasions where peoples' minds were joined by media coverage to a singular event. The G.C.P. analyzes its data within a normal range of readings.

On September 11, 2001, (with the attacks on the U.S.) the number generators "spiked" with non-random numbers that sent the graph - literally - off the scale.

Those who analyze the data would normally attribute such dramatic changes to the effects of shared collective consciousness (as might be expected as millions of people around the world tuned their televisions to the live, unfolding events in New York City). However, the spike began a full four hours BEFORE the first plane struck the World Trade Center. That would have been at about 4:45 AM EST - the first plane hit at 8:47 AM.

(The GCP graph shows the 9-11 shift as occurring from around 4:45 AM EST until about 11 PM EST.)

Thousands of individuals have reported sensing precognitive thoughts and emotions of dread in the days and weeks prior to the 9-11 attack. The random number generators showed a sharp, collective shift four hours before the attack that cannot be fully explained by group precognition.

Whatever it may (actually) be that the number generators are responding to is a question for debate.

The generators obviously respond to changes in collective consciousness by means of a commonly shared energy. If the energy that empowers collective consciousness can be transmitted between individual consciousnesses, then might it not also be transmittable from a central point to alter the wave lengths of mental processes to achieve a desired vulnerability?

Was human consciousness manipulated beginning four hours prior to the 9-11 attack?

Did someone "flip the switch" on a device capable of transmitting pre-patterned thought frequencies to our individual and mass- consciousness?

As we view the GCP graph for September 11 (see attached page) we are left with few options to explain this clear and profound anomaly.

Once we factor out the variables of coincidence and collective precognition, we are left with little else to account for the bizarre shift in thought wave energies four hours before the 9-11 attack.

But who would have the capability of working such a massive "mind control"?

Osama bin-Laden, the Taliban, Saddam Hussein???

Think what you will. But those three are certainly NOT on my list of the most likely suspects.


In order to view the Princeton GCP graph, you will have to scroll down about 20 pages on the ENTERPRISE MISSION display -

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #65

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