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Opening Words

Author: Alexander Aldarow    (all articles by this author)
Published on: November 16, 2001

Hello, my dear friends.

It's Alex, the editor of Project X Newsletter. I haven't written anything of mine in the opening words for a while; mostly because our authors have expressed my own ideas in a much better way :) But here is a random thought of mine, which is also an invitation for an open discussion on this topic.

Have you noticed how, so many of us, who follow a wide range of spiritual beliefs, from Christianity through Buddhism to Wicca (I'm generalizing this scale, of course), including, naturally, our personal belief systems, tend, in the times of test, forsake them in favor of momentary/immediate reactions? I am not only talking about the Sept. 11 events, but about every single "negative" event we go through during our lives. We can toss around all the pretty phrases about love, compassion, beauty, tolerance; but, the second that we don't receive that love from a girl we're so hot after, the second that someone yells at us or cuts us on the highway, or breaks into our house, or disagrees with our opinion, or we're simply in a bad mood today - FORGET ABOUT IT! Love and Light are thrown outside the window; the caring for other people is expressed through us only by caring that they will DIE for whatever they did to us!!! Etc., etc.; the examples are endless. (Don't forget the depression as another common real-life reaction!)

Apparently, our "beliefs" are merely mental structures, to which we hold dearly, sometimes fanatically, saying to ourselves that this is how we will behave and act, ideally, theoretically... until the moment of the true test arrives. Which brings me to the point that spiritual thoughts, opinions and catchphrases are not enough... there also must be real spiritual actions, spiritual behavior... Not just speaking about love, compassion, self-control, but showing them as well.

Not belief(s)... FAITH.

So, like Mark Andrews told me:

"There will always be a lie in the middle of anything that you beLIEve.

But, no matter what you believe to be real, life will always have U in the middle of the trUth."

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #65

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