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Planetary Prayer

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 13, 2001

A Visit From St. Francis

On Offering From "Brother Sun"


Just a few blocks from my home (along side a neighbor's front porch) is a 3 foot, store-bought figure depicting St. Francis of Assisi looking heaven-ward in a state of ecstatic prayer, while at the same time caressing a young fawn.

You have probably seen a similar copy of the piece, most likely in someone's front yard or garden.

For several years, I did a weekly paper route which included the street of the afore-mentioned house. I always enjoyed being able to walk up to "St. Francis" every Monday and say "Hello". (Albeit telepathically - I wouldn't want to give my neighbors cause to have me committed ) It was one of those silly but fun things that you catch yourself doing; at first out of impulse, but then just because it's just too enjoyable NOT to do!

It was my quirky Monday ritual in honor of a man who I have admired for many, many years. Giovani Bernardoni (Christened St. Francis of Assisi), along with his female counter-part - St. Clare - exemplified for me the true possible extent to which a follower of Christ can go in their quest to follow in HIs foot steps. The only contemporary example of such intense discipleship would be Mother Teresa.

(A brief dramatization of the lives and ministries of St. Francis and St. Clare is shown in the 1968 film "Brother Sun, Sister Moon".)

On Wednesday morning, 4-4-01 (at around 10 AM CST), I had one of those familiar, transcending (spacey) "washings" - including chills down the spine and an uncontrollable outburst of joyous tears. I knew that "someone" had just stepped through The Dimensional Portal, and was standing directly behind me in my living room.

I always try - and I do stress TRY - at those times to quiet my thoughts and to be receptive to any messages being brought by such a visitor. I was sitting where I would normally be if I were typing something on my Email. I could easily reach the keyboard. I became as quiet as my emotions would allow. All I could get from the being (at first) was the short sentence. "A prayer for all of the world to say as One." It was 10:08 AM.

So I followed the words as they came (typing along as I received them), taking dictation form an obviously high ranking member of the Kingdom Of Heaven.

I finished the task at hand, shut off the terminal, and became strangely eager for a trip to the near-by Chinese buffet. It was 10:48 AM when I rounded the corner down the street by our trailer court's fishing lake. I did so just in time to watch as a large doe went prancing across my path and leaped into the water. "Wow!", I said out loud, "THAT'S a first!". First time I've ever seen a deer of any kind in our area / first time to watch one go "swimming". AND, I was apparently the only person around to watch the spectacle. Very strange.

A little later that day, I received an Email bulletin from one of the sky- watch organizations, advising that emanations from the largest solar flare EVER recorded had just had a near-miss with earth at 10 AM local time. (Almost precisely the moment when I first felt the presence of the entity.)

I wasn't really paying attention at the time to the fact that the route that I followed on my trip to the restaurant took me right by my cherished figure of St. Francis and the fawn.

Maybe it's a good thing (after all) that I was a little too dense to add-up all of the signals as they were being presented. (I would most likely have come completely unglued.)

The timing of the entity's arrival; the content of the dictated prayer; the startling appearance of a deer near my home. It all suggests that St. Francis (Brother Sun) took the opportunity of history's most powerful solar flare to give us one more ray of hope to unite the world.

I just can't seem to shake the imagery of St. Francis "surfing" on the fiery waves on his way to deliver the words of the prayer. I always figured that he would have HAD to have had a great sense of humor. So with that having been said, I'll just say:

"Thank you, St. Francis! It's good to see that you haven't lost your FLARE!"

(The following is the prayer as it was given.)

With One Spirit: Earth United In Prayer.

We can unite the world in peace and wholeness through the power of collective prayer. The following is a suggested affirmation and prayer to combine your prayer intentions with those of the most powerful prayer masters on earth. Know that all of your personal prayer requests are empowered as you join in agreement with all of those who are mentioned in the text. Visualize each group as you follow the steps.

You will find that your personal prayer requests are answered more quickly through the power of universal prayer.


With all of my personal prayer partners who I know and trust; for peace, health, prosperity, all blessings and joy: OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With all of the religious who claim the Name of Christ; whether in seclusion or in churches; in groups or in singular prayer: OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With all who seek higher spiritual truths: OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With monks in monasteries in the highest reaches of the Himalayas, tropical temples, and the faithful along their path; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With the masters and all who stand at altars; who lift their prayers with the sweet smoke of incense; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With the countless millions of believers who gather at the River Ganges; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With all of the faithful who live in The Way Of Peace; who answer the call of Muhammad; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With all who look toward Jerusalem; who abide in the covenant of Moses. OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With the shamans of the American deserts, forests, tundras, and plains who dwell in union with The Great Universal Spirit: OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With the mystics of the world's jungles who have learned the wholeness of Nature and Spirit; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With the magical elders of the Outback who harness Nature with music and chant; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With the wise masters of the Pacific islands who dwell within the wholeness of All; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With all who look to the worlds of other stars as the origin of our collective heritage and faith; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With those who know that All Life is One in Spirit, and that Spirit is One in All Life; OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

With all of our loved ones who have traversed the veil; who abide in the fullness of Light: OUR PRAYER IS ONE, LORD, HEAR OUR PRAYER.

We are One; united in The Light of The Universal Christ within, surrounding, and enfolding us. OUR PRAYER IS ONE, AND SO IT IS.

Please forward and share this prayer affirmation. We can send these prayer intentions around the world to create a shield of Light for peace, health, prosperity, wholeness, joy, and well-being for all of the children of earth.

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #55

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