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Map Of The Future

Author: Mark Andrews    (all articles by this author)
Published on: April 13, 2001

A Story Of Amazing Synchronicities Centered Around A "Belt Buckle".

Copyright 2001

If I could pick a year to freeze in time, that year would have to be 1978. Saturday Night Live; Steely Dan LP's; Disco was at its peak; Jimmy Carter was in The White House. It was a year of low pressures and high energies.

It was the time that everything seemed to "click" for me. Life was bountiful and free. I was 26 years old, single, and had everything I could wish for.

One of the popular macho statements for guys in '78 were the overly large belt buckles that we usually associate with motorcycles or beer companies. I was never caught up in that craze (mostly because I found them to be uncomfortable and awkward).

So then there must have been some "force" other than my own sense of fashion-chic which caused me to freeze in my tracks as I strolled by a leather kiosk at a local flea-market.

It was... "beautiful"... "intricate".... "stunning"... "other-worldly". All of a sudden, (at the moment my eyes locked on to the buckle attached to a leather belt on a rack) I was paralyzed with awe! It was the most compelling object I had ever encountered. I HAD to have it. I couldn't explain why: I just knew that I had a connection to the engravings on the buckle that echoed from a level of reality that transcended the moment.

The belt itself was un-extraordinary. The buckle, however, was exquisite.

It appeared to be made of fine silvery metal; 3 inches in diameter and "8 +" inches in circumference. The artistry depicted on its face was of a genre familiar but unrecognizable to me. If for no other reason, I would have bought the buckle alone for the intricacy of the incredible craftsmanship it displayed.

So many figures / so many intertwining forms! It had a swirling visual alignment that caused the viewer's attention to flow to the large "grotesque" face at its heart. The full inscription was both frightful and alluring. In it fullest effect, the tapestry had a presence and a power superseding its physical glories and limitations.

I bought the belt and buckle and wore them immediately.

I was never really able to explain my compulsive (and nearly hypnotic) "obedience" to the imagery. All I knew was that I shared soul-consciousness with its creator, and as well with the message it proclaimed - however enigmatic and indecipherable.

I came to find that my meditations were somehow enhanced if I was wearing the belt and buckle. I found also that having it resting on the chakra power-centers along the torso (as worn normally) gave me a more acute awareness of movements of surrounding cosmic energies. It wasn't necessarily "good luck", just clearer perception. The buckle's only flaw (acquired over its years with me) was a profound chip along its outer rim, just to the top right.

In 1980, I moved from my parents' basement apartment along Garfield Park in Indianapolis (where I had been living for several years) to an apartment on the city's West side.

Oddly, the buckle - by then detached from the belt and kept on my personal altar - was lost in the move.

As time passed, I gave up the search and focused on other things. I eventually gave the matter no further thought.

In 1994, I was living in a half- duplex on Indy's South side. One Saturday afternoon (July 16th to be exact) Danny, an acquaintance of my brother, showed up at my door step. He had been made temporarily homeless due to his failure to participate in the in-patient alcohol abuse program to which he had been court ordered.

So, there was Danny. I felt sorry for him and let him stay with me until he could get resettled. After a couple of months as my roommate, Danny approached me with an oddly serious (and somewhat fearful) concern.

Danny told me that several years prior, "some weird guy" had given him an item that he (Danny) was afraid might have been connected to evil and the occult. Knowing my interests in metaphysics, he thought that I should have a look at it.

Danny scurried up the stairs and back down, producing in his hand a belt buckle identical to the one that I had lost 14 years earlier. My first reaction was one of mild shock, but I quickly regrouped in the rational assurance that this must certainly be just another copy from a factory's mass-production of the items.

Once I had cleared my thoughts, I said to him; "Ya know, I use to have a buckle just like this one, except mine had a chip right...............there."

There it was! After 14 years, the mysteriously inscribed "wheel" had found its way back to me.

Danny said that he would be more than pleased if I were to keep it as a gift. (He found it a little too "spooky" to keep for any longer.)

And on the day of its return, I was able - by then - to recognize the pattern on the face of the buckle as the Dresde Codex; the ancient Mayan calendar of future events that culminates on December 21, 2012 AD.

I have to say that I am still unable to translate the cryptic prophecies of the encoded script. But at least now I know its meaning, if not its content.

And the next time I move, you can be sure that I will keep it in my pocket for safety's sake. Besides, if I were to lose it again, I might have to answer to that "weird guy" who put it Danny's possession.

Considering the content of the Mayan prophecies, and their mentoring by the "Masters Of The Stars", how much would you want to bet that that "guy" has a zip-code that puts him in the Sirius star cluster?

Originally published in Project X Newsletter #55

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