you have reached us.

For those visiting for the first time - welcome! Everything will be explained to you in a moment. For those who have entered here before - welcome back to the Project X website, renewed for the third time - and still in the process of being reshaped!

Like all of you, in these accelerating Times of Shifts and Changes we have been endlessly looking for the others, the Chosen Ones, for additional people to share, to tell what we have gone through, what is taking place around us right now, and what still awaits ahead for the humankind. For, as we were told at the beginning of our spiritual journey:

You have the future, I have the past,
Together we create the world.
You have strolled the World Wide Web, seeking an information, a clue, anything that sounded similar to the things you have experienced. The Internet offered too much, but almost not a thing. You went through infinite chat rooms and Instant Messengers numbers, trying to reach those, who are, like yourself, as arrogant and unusual as it may sound, the Chosen Ones, other souls, who are now spiritually awakening.

Since you've somehow reached this site, you haven't failed. For our group truly had supernatural experiences, amazing encounters, breathtaking visions, dreams, which told us our past and world's future.

By the means of these webpages we hope to draw the attention of those who received preternatural guidance and messages from various origins. Dreams, visions, trance, hypnosis, abductions and many more; any means are relevant when you speak of event(s), which altered your perspective of the world, of the Universe, of the Existence.

The following is a short introduction of the initial Project X group and its experiences. For more explanations, you can refer to Questions Answered and some of our archives, as well as send us an e-mail with anything you wish to clarify.
Our names are Alexander Aldarow, Rinor Zidran and Rami A.Q.. There are many others, too, as our circle is unstoppably growing. This process began several years ago, when we tried to explore the reincarnations, through regressive hypnosis. At first, Rinor spoke about his past lives, but then visions, symbols and messages from non-physical entities came through. Since then we have experienced and tried seances, meditations, astral projection, dream telepathy, and, the most important of all, cosmic messages.
We have contacted with spirits, ghosts, angels, demons, aliens, our subconsciousness and various entities, such as the Old Ones, Nostradamus, Dix, Rob (the gray angel), Zifron (gray angels' supervisor), Orkon (/Arekon), ATP (the vagabond), Master-30/Dragon-tzar/Moadib/Aries/? (all are names of one evil being), Men in Black, the Ark Carriers, the Guide, the Source.
Since then, naturally, our views and approach to the supernatural have changed. Those experiences and encounters were the jumping board; today our spiritual paths have become more individualized. Nonetheless, the same yearning to grow and develop have remained. There is no going back.

Go through this site. See how everything is connected into one all-encompassing puzzle. Do not forget - we respect all your responses; we are here to listen, help and share. You and us have a lot to offer to each other. To quote one of the received messages:

And the silence will rule, but not.
Your footprints on the dusty floor of this Temple are number out of infinity.
See, hear, feel, discover...

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